Top 10 Real Places with Foods and Drinks in the Name

City, town or village names; street names; beach, forest, river, lake names, and similar places.

The Top Ten

1 Cheesequake

This is an unincorporated community in New Jersey, US.
The community's name comes from the Lenni Lenape word "Cheseh-oh-ke", meaning "upland". - Metal_Treasure

2 Whiskey Gate

A street in Pickering, Canada, located next to Cognac Crescent and Amaretto Ave.
Cheers! - Metal_Treasure

3 Sandwich

It's a historic town in Kent, UK - Metal_Treasure

4 Ham

It's a hamlet near the town of Sandwich in Kent, England (also mentioned on this list).
The best part:
Ham and Sandwich have a common signpost pointing to both the hamlet and the town, appearing to read:
-->> - Metal_Treasure

5 Two Egg

A small unincorporated community in Jackson County, Florida, US - Metal_Treasure

6 Bacon Ridge

Community in Manitoba, Canada - Metal_Treasure

7 Sugar Tree

An unincorporated community in Decatur County, Tennessee, US - Metal_Treasure

8 Cereal

It's a village in Alberta, Canada - Metal_Treasure

9 Pickle Lake

A township in the Canadian province of Ontario. - Metal_Treasure

10 Cognac Crescent

A street in Pickering, Canada, next to Whiskey Gate and Amaretto Ave. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Sugarloaf Mountain

I'd love to live here - TwilightKitsune

This is in Co Wicklow Ireland. - clusium

12 Amaretto Ave
13 Buttertubs Dr
14 Mayo

It's in Quebec, Canada - Metal_Treasure

15 Clearwater
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