Top Ten Real Steel Video Game Robots

The Top Ten Real Steel Video Game Robots

1 Atom

I kill jasper with him

You know the robot also the peoples champion the G-2 Sparring bot that won against 23 robots - bubbaskoo


2 Zeus

The Undefeatable Robot but lost by Atom but still the champion - bubbaskoo

3 Black Jack

This sucks where is touchdown and albino

He is not in the video game

He's not In the video game booo

4 Black Top
5 Metro
6 Midas

Midas is my favorite

7 Aquabot
8 Axelrod
9 Blue Bot
10 Atom 2.0

It's the Top Ten Creators Robot That Won The WRB Belt - bubbaskoo

He is the best😎

The Contenders

11 Fiend
12 Atom Silver


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