Best Real Warrior Cats Friendships

This is a list of my favorite warriors ships (that r real)

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1 Jay x Half

They are so cute together I wish jayfeather could go back whenever he wanted to see her :( jay must have felt really sad where he is talking to lionblaze about cinderheart and lion is like "you don't even know how I feel you are a Medicaid cat you can't fall in love" or something

So nice that even my grumpy jaybae gets to experience love

I totally agree with you lpsgirl667

WHAT? This is friendship not love ARE YOU KIDDING ME like if it's not love read sign of the moon OH WHAT DID SHE SAY? Excuse me but what since when could it not be love If she literally asks to have kits with him!? NO SENSE MADE TO ME. Either way I hate how rock went against anything further happening I got ultra interested in this ship because the aincents are EPIC why couldn't he just do it Narnia style? Like stay 10 years and when u go back to other world as if no time had passed... I'm not against this ship even though I was pissed with graystripe and leafpool I didn't understand why this couldn't be a couple because man it's a time travel thing although it could badly effect him if you think about it.
I too wish he could visit half moon more it is a great relationship although it's nice to know that he can see half moon again (until the next dark forest attack) when he joins starclan it's nice to think about it a lot who's with me?! -Ghostheart

2 Feather x Crow

Crys so sad y you die feathertail y! O feel bad for crowfeather at least he found leafpool Idc if he was mean he is one of the best cats he did not deserve this.. -

3 Holly x Fallen

He healed her in the tunnels and she really just needed a friend, and Fallen Leaves was. He always made her happy, and respected her decisions.

D: poor fallen leaves he must have been so sad to see Hollyleaf go I wish she hadn't died then she might have been able to visit him he/she was his/her only friend for a long time

4 Leaf x Crow

Think its great and leafpool seems like the type of cat because she doesn't care about rules when it came to love

Yay crowfeather is happy but they have to leave each other boo I like how even thow leafpool is a med cat and they r from different clans they love each other so much the visit (this is one of my fave parts of ships) also they kitted jayfeather

so sad

5 Blue x Oak

I think it's a good ship

I like this one because they truly love each other again they r from different clans. I wish mosskit lived :( blueXoak forever

BlueXTrash the terrible! Snobby lil' Trashpelt was a warrior when she was a kit! I hate Oakheart, but him and Bluestar are so good together. Go die Trashpelt no one likes you creep!

6 Cinder x Fire

This is one of the saddest ships. Cinderpelt loved him, yet Firestar thought of her only as his friend...

This a real ship because it is on the app if you look at the fact in cinderpelt a section it says she loves firestar. She was so lonely if only she he'd become a warrior...

But she didn’t mate him? Well even if she tried sandstorm wouldn’t let that happen.

7 Blue x Thrush

Thrushpelt was a wonderful friend to her.

Because thrushpelt was still loyal to bluestar even thow he knew she was mates to somecat else he beer told anyone about the kits

8 Gray x Silver

I don’t understandstand why silverstream has to die... poor graystripe

Nuuu Silverstreem y you die it is so sad brb has to go cry... Ok "sniff" I'm back I was happy for this ship. But so sad D:

I love Greystripe X Silverstream.
Fireheart:I like Silverstream but don't give them ideas.
Fireheart:Sorry Greystripe.
Me:Wait a second... Did Cinderpaw just give that kit to Tigerclaw?
"Here. Lick! "
Sorry I love this ship and most of the moments it caused.

9 Leafpool x Squirrelflight

Oms! This is another amazing friendship. I mean, they had visions of each other, VISIONS! They should be number ONE.

These sisters are best friends forever, and despite what happened with the Three, they stood by each others side. -Shiningpelt

I vote this since they seem to be very close, and Leafpawwas worried as heck when her sister was going onto the journey

I think this is a good relationship, they seem very close -Wishwillow

10 Ragged x Yellow

I love this ship

This is a lot like cinderXfire (a med cat in love with a leader even thow somecat else loves the leader) but instead raggedstar picked the med cat but he still like foxheart poor yellowfang if only all her kits survived

I loved them in the first few chapters of Yellowfang's Secret! Raggedkit and Scorchkit bullied Yellowkit, Nutkit, and Rowankit but it was still adorable. Raggedpelt acted so tough and strong! Even though Brokenstar was their kit, almost everyone loves these too.

The Contenders

11 Gray x Fire


SkyWing approves

"I just enjoied their friendhips in the first series!"

İf u don't think this is THE best friendship u are stupid. Really, REALLY stupid

12 Hollyleaf x Cinderheart

They are best friends! I live seeing them together.

13 Jake x Tall

I realize one of the Erin Hunters said they saw Jake and Tallstar as mates in her mind, but to me I think of them as the strongest friendship in warriors.

The best ship, both platonically and romantically

They were so cuteee! I wish Jake stayed!

14 Barley x Ravenpaw

Barley: *friend zones Ravenpaw* Ravenpaw: *doesn't care and is a bff*

15 Bramblestar x Squirrelflight

Great relationship, always make up after disagreements

Defentilly a cute couple intill the truth of leafpool and crowfeather came out still trying to get the book “omen of the stars.” So I don’t know if the make up?

16 Firestar x Sandstorm


17 Spotted x Fire
18 Whitestorm x Lionheart

They were once said to be such good friends they'd have died for each other and when Tigerclaw betrayed them, it was heartbreaking for them, and I'm sure he missed his friends deep, deep, down. It seems just right, since only Lionheart had a sibling to depend on, and look, Tigerclaw had kits with her, and she's a girl, so Lionheart wasn't as close with her as a brother would be; in this case, Tigerclaw and Whitestorm were those brothers.

19 Brightheart x Cloudtail
20 Yellowfang x Cinderpelt
21 Thornclaw x Ashfur

I think they were good friends, before the fire thing. Thornclaw is Ashfur's bro. I also think this is good since, they hang out a lot.

They used to watch super bowl together.

the patrol guy and the fire dude

22 Tawnypelt x Feathertail

I just think they really built friendship over the journey, and they seemed like good friends, but yet again, everyone should be friends with the kindness of Feathertail :3

23 Tigerstar x Darkstripe

I know that tigerstar didn’t really trust anyone but he did trust darkstripe.

24 Greypool x Oakheart
25 Dustpelt x Brackenfur
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