Top Ten Realistic Features That Should Be Added to Minecraft Title Update 30

There is one version of this but this is for console tu30

The Top Ten

New Biomes
Water Temple
New Enchanting and Enchantment Books

New enchanting and enchantment books

New Fishing System
New Potions
All the New Stones

All the new stones E.G. diorite Andestone

New Flowers

The Contenders

Diamond Should Be More Abundant and Not As Useful

Realistically diamonds are not very good for making armour or tools
yes they are hard but that is the problem they are too hard
if you hit them in the right way they shatter
also you can't make anything with them because they don't melt
also you will not find a diamond big enough to make anything with them
also diamond are quite abundant here on earth - Joah

New Trees
Energy Bar
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