Most Realistic Glee Characters

The most realistic characters from our beloved Glee!

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1 Kurt

Kurt is such a good character his friendship with Rachel is so lovely - Gleek4life

Great, great character. It's a shame he got so boring after the second season, Blaine totally stole his spotlight.

His struggle with bullying, and the fact that things aren't just handed to him on a silver platter ( Rachel, Blaine ) make him realistic and a good person to look to for realism in the show. His uncertainty about taking Blaine back after he cheated on him, his issues with seeing all of his friends succeed while he sits on the sidelines, his reaction to his father's heart attack, his issues with religion and faith not being as interchangeable as people believe - all these things make Kurt a realistic character that fans can look to in order to see themselves.

Season 1 Is very realistic and then some further episodes stand out but I think some of the older prima donna actresses did not like Chris Colfer’s rise and suddenly the part started to shrink and then overshadowed by Rachel and Blaine. But to me he had the absolutely the best song in the entire show...As if We Never Said Goodbye. - Foofoobird

2 Quinn

For me, she has the most relatable and realistic character in Glee. Quinn's character has depth that just grows deeper every season, just like every other human experience. And just like the other Glee characters, Quinn's stories and experiences have made more of an impact in me, thus, Quinn's development is my favorite one.

Quinn has her moments of selfishness but underneath all that she is a kind hearted girl, fighting her way through life. She is really inspiring for going through all she did and still making it all the way to yale. Quinn is amazing!

I don't like her much but she was INCREDIBLY realistic

Let's face it. EVERYONE wants to be popular. And her? After how much she was bullied at her old school and what she used to look like? I understand. She's has a good side and can be really sweet. She's like a lot of teenage girls but is still one of a kind. ���"

3 Rachel

Getting another Broadway job after breaking her contract with Funny Girl is NOT realistic. If it were, she would've been sued, and that record would follow her around for the rest of her life. She's nothing but immature and self centered, and that's not a way to get what you want. There's a reason Santana is at the top of the list you Santana haters, and that's because Santana is better. She always has been better, and she always will be. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it

She is the most realistic and inspirational character for me. She has big dreams, dreams of being someone big, chase what she loves to do and don't care about what others think. I totally understand how bad she wants to leave her hometown and achieve something big, because that's what all the small town girls (including myself) dream of.

Rachel is my role model, because no matter what she always achieved her dreams and even had her time without men in her life which is very inspirational for me

I love how rachel set her goals and reached them. She aimed high for the stars and she believed so much she reached it.

4 Santana

She was a horrible person and to be honest, she had some character development but not enough to make her a nice person. in season 5 she was AWFUL to rachel. for NO REASON - pjo

I'm laughing so hard at the comments that said she had no character development. Do you really think Season 1 Santana would've helped Rachel with Brody? Do you really think season 1 Santana would've cared about Brittany being in MIT? Do you really think season 1 Santana would've let Klaine (ruin) piggy back their wedding? If anyone had no development, it's Rachel.

Santana is kinda like what would happen if they gave Rachel real struggles and character development.

She helped realize who I really was

5 Marley

Her weight issue is what every teenager goes through.

She and Rachel are actually relatable unlike Santana who is just a bitch who has no character development

6 Mercedes

Who isn't in love with tater tots.

She's WAY better than Rachel

7 Finn

I think that most teenage boys can relate to Finn and most teenage girls can relate to Rachel, that's why they are/were the lead characters.

He was everyone's leader. Kind hearted, the trying to find where he fit into in life. Just all round good guy. Struggling with what every person at that age struggles with.

Awkward, funny, makes mistakes, accidentally says something to screw himself up, hurt by cheaters, loves his girlfriends, we've all been there. He's just a great guy in general, and it's so sad he died so young

8 Blaine

Nobody wheres that much hair gel

(sarcasm) Yes, because EVERYONE has tried to rape their boyfriends before. What a "great" example for children. Seriously, just no. He is just your typical jerk and bad boyfriend. Kurt WAS the man in the relationship

He's doesn't like to talk about his problems and kind of an outsider in the New Directions. He's also dealt with a lot of problems even though it doesn't seem like it. I easily relate to all of his main characteristics (Besides him being gay, so that's why I believe he's the most realistic.

9 Tina

Everyone has had a hard time coming out of their shell

10 Mike

His relationship with his dad was very realistic. Mike was under a LOT of pressure - he was a football star, an A++ student, and was in glee club. But as soon as he got an A-, his dad was unhappy and disappointed. He wanted Mike to quit glee club, something he really loved. Mike then cracked and followed his heart - instead of doing what his dad wants (like always), he went to audition for the role in a musical. He also told his dad that he wants to be a dancer, and not a doctor or a lawyer. After that, his dad didn't even want to talk to him. It was until later in the season that his dad finally understood his decision and decided to support him in his dream.

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11 Lauren Zizes

Bad ass that doesn't care what people think about her, you go girl!

A terrible character, ruined an otherwise great season - pjo

She is so amazing

12 Artie

Artie is so sweet. He has to live as a kid in a wheelchair and he doesn't complain. He is an amazing and kind hearted boy

Artie is a good name how is doing with your friends and stuff artie.

13 Blaine Anderson

He is a gay guy who loves to sing and has to face the worst because of it but through all of that he continues to embrace it no matter what other people say

14 Becky Jackson
15 Lord Tubbington

The best and most underrated glee character deals with the struggles we all go through every day, like not being able to poop candy bars. While sad, Lord Tubbington's story is beautiful and relatable to almost all of us. He is a great character, and we learn several inspiring life lessons from him.

Where to start... Lord tubbington is such a cute and hilarious character

Lord Tubbington inspires me so much. He deserves to be number 1, and a solo.

He's amazing

16 Dave Karofsky

He deals with his sexuality and that's something very common and well portrayed in the show.

17 Bree Davenport

There is a lot of mean people in high schools and she is a perfect representation

Leo howard and bree davenport were never in glee

18 Puck

Hot Hot cute cute hot cute cute hot cute cute song




19 Leo Howard Leo Howard is an American actor, model and martial artist. He began his acting career at the age of seven, Howard is known for incorporating his karate skills into his feature film and television roles.

Nice sweet cute handsome fairness sharing kind nice to people. Be friend with people cool acting good. Funny dress good sing dancing.

Do you want to go out some time

20 Ryder

Troubles with his spelling and reading, feeling stupid. Getting hurt when his "girlfriend" was fake

21 Unique
22 Brittany S Pierce

Who doesn't like Lucky Charms

Just hilarious

23 Chase Davenport Chase Davenport (Billy Unger) is the team leader and the second-youngest of the four. He has incredible intelligence and is so hot and is able to access a vast database of information at any time. Chase can take control over his siblings with his override application in emergencies. He also has a magnetic more.

Sweet cute kind

24 Gabe Duncan

Can I be your girlfriend

Hot cute good nice

25 Kurt Hummel


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