Top 10 Reasons Why Keeping Up with the Kardashians Sucks

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1 They are spoiled brats

Look up the word selfish, greedy, spoiled and all of the related words and their faces will appear. I hope the Kartrashians get forced to file for bankruptcy and end up homeless in the sewers.

Awesome list, I hate this show a lot. Yep, the Kardasians are spoiled brats. And are famous for doing nothing.

You can just hear their snobby tone in their voices.

Yup. Nothing else needs to be said.

2 It's just stupid

And yet- look to the person on your left, then look to the person on your right, and at least one of them is a fanatical watcher of the show, buys every magazine with their photo on the cover, and keeps on enabling them to create a stupider world. Your family, your friends, your schoolmates, THEY are the ones at fault.

Yep! I really think it dumbs people down to watch crap like this.

Yep, it is stupid. It is about some snobby popular girls.

In other words, no talent!

3 They do things nobody cares about

I know, I do not care if the Kardasians go see their granny or mommy, whoever it is.

Attention is what they want!

4 It's unrealistic

They try SO hard to make it look real, but they fail. For 4 min the family will be enjoying themselves, but then one of the girls (usually Kim or Khloe) will blow a small comment out of proportion and they'll start raising their voices at each other.

Nothing they do feels like it's real.

5 It has Kim Kardashian in it

Kim Kardashian is the biggest narcissist on this planet.

Yep, the worst celebrity in Hollywood.

6 It's completely boring

Boring, yep. My friend told me to watch it, and I watched a bit of it, and it got so boring very fast.

I agree with everything on this list.

7 It's a waste of time

I tried watching it one day to see why people liked it so much and I ended up not disappointing myself, it's a complete waste of time, all they have is big butts and lots of plastic surgery! Why are they even hollywood stars?

I watched a few clips on YouTube to see why a lot pf people like watching this garbage. Honestly, it's a complete waste of time. After watching this, you haven't learned anything interesting, you don't fell like you've entertained yourself. It's just a bunch of fake, stupid and egotistical women crying over the most meaningless things.

8 They are arrogant, rude, and selfish

Exactly, no one wants to watch rude, arrogant people.

Very rude and selfish

Stuck up, out of touch

Kylie is the worst!

9 It's unoriginal

Many people have their own reality shows, so this is unoriginal.

It's just another lame overrated reality TV show starring selfish douchebags.

10 It's just another dumb reality TV show

In fact, it's the worst T.V. show ever made. Try to change my mind because you can't.

Yep, nothing interesting, but a bunch of trashy celebrities.

I don't need to say anything else except for what is written here

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11 All the Kardashians are fake and plastic

I wonder if the Kardashians are recyclable since they're made of plastic.

Thank you! Who wants to watch a show about a bunch of Barbies anyway?

This should be number 1#

12 Khloe Kardashian is self-centered

Same thing applies with the other Kardashian family members.

13 They are not good idols or good people to look up to.
14 Most of them are untalented

All of them you mean.

No talent is right

15 Kendall Jenner is the only normal one

Kendall definitely made the right decision not to have her future become filled with stress and drama unlike her sisters.

No way! I don't like Kendall Jenner. I'm not being rude or anything like that.

16 Slutty daughters
17 They can't actually do anything that makes people famous
18 Most of the people on it don't deserve their fame
19 No story lines worth watching.

Their show is a baby show with cursing. I'm telling you, WHOEVER thinks it's a good show, but hasn't watched it, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! If the show ever comes on your T.V., do something else! Please, I'm warning you! Trust me, I'll save you a whole hour of time if you listen to me!

20 Too much fame
21 Kylie Jenner is now another Kim Kardashian
22 They teach kids at home to become spoiled brats
23 The daughters are rude to their mom Kris
24 It teaches kids to get plastic surgery
25 They're posers
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