Top 10 Really Wild and Raw Metal Songs

Songs that sound raw and wild in general. Also song components sound raw and wild - vocals, or guitars, or drums, or everything.
Songs are usually aggressive and fast but to me 'raw and wild' doesn't mean the most brutal or the heaviest.

According to my understanding of raw and wild, bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath or Dio just don't have such raw and wild songs. Megadeth sound isn't raw. Progressive, power and symphonic metal aren't raw, they are refined. Compared to the songs on this list, even Metallica aren't raw enough.

The Top Ten

1 Build Your Weapons - Voivod

I love how many Voivod songs are on here!

A song from their 1986 album "Rrröööaaarrr". I can't believe this band later became a leading force in the refined progressive metal. - Metal_Treasure

2 Circle of the Tyrants - Celtic Frost

This song is awesome, wild and raw; especially the solo is very wild. - Metal_Treasure

3 F**k Off & Die - Voivod
4 Massacre - Bathory

I added it mostly for the raw vocals and its raw sound in general. - Metal_Treasure

5 Pleasure to Kill - Kreator
6 Raining Blood - Slayer

Not very raw compared to the other songs but wild enough. - Metal_Treasure

7 Pure F**king Armageddon - Mayhem

This song is really a pure armageddon! Though, the "Live in Leiping" version is the best!

8 Warriors of Ice - Voivod
9 Total Destruction - Bathory
10 Jesus' Tod - Burzum

The Contenders

11 Into the Crypts of Rays - Celtic Frost
12 Thrashing Rage - Voivod
13 Carry Stress in the Jaw - Mr. Bungle

This song is completely odd and Mike Patton makes weird noises. - Metal_Treasure

14 Helldriver - Voivod
15 Black Metal - Venom
16 Inside Out - Anthrax

In this song John Bush sings ina raw voice when saying "Like Fire Like Cancer Like I
Have Never Been Gun Shot" - christangrant

17 Welcome to Hell - Venom
18 Heavy Metal Maniac - Exciter
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