Top Ten Reasons Grand Theft Auto IV Sucks

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1 Not As Many Features As San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto IV has no fun weapons like chainsaw, flamethrower of minigun, no bicycle, no jetpack, no burglary sidemissions, no paramedic missions, no firefighter mission, no gambling, no cheats for fun stuff like riot or aggressive drivers, only reward from vigilante missions is achievement.

No cheats like Grand Theft Auto 5 pedestrian riot missing plus rockstar paid of reviewers 10/10 hoax laugh out loud. - maradona108

Grand Theft Auto IV is good game, but actually I miss some features.

San Andreas was garbage, but way better than V - Gehenna

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2 Car Handling

It was too realistic and needs to he taken into consideration by the Grand Theft Auto authority of gaming and enterprise in the United States government.

Grand Theft Auto IV had the best handling a physics where in Grand Theft Auto V the vehicles feel like they have no weight.

I can't even do a chase with the horrible car handling - spiderskull98

I hate Grand Theft Auto 4 for this reason

The driving is acceleration based. - marmalade_skies

3 No Chance of Using Airplanes and Helicopters

You're stupid. Helicopters are usable in the game. And these are all horrible reasons. Grand Theft Auto IV is a great game. You just have to small of a mind to fully comprehend your own stupidity.

What you spit on Grand Theft Auto 4 without knowing the game! We can use helicopters! Grand Theft Auto 4 is an awesome game, it is more serious than San Andreas that's it! - MaxiThresher

You should do it no chance of using airplanes and trains not no chance of using airplanes and helicopters

Wow, that sucks. Even Grand Theft Auto 3 at least had a dodo.

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4 The Map is Entirely City

It sucks being in trashy New York City. If I wanted to see the city I could go there any day. Sure there's some nice parts to the city, just like in real life, but the rest is like any other North East city.. run down with no charm.

The city is polluted that's why there are no animals except dogs and birds...or maybe there are no birds and puppies too?

You have a bike you want to do some bike stunts on a giant desert and you search and no desert! This is why Grand Theft Auto 4 is trash

I agree the map needs to be more than just city

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5 Too Many Phone Calls

The well-known annoying phone call from Roman: "cousin, let's go bowling"

You know you can disable the phone right

Guys, bring up the phone, go to settings, and to to sleep mode - spiderskull98

But the thing is I got Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5 but I play five so why I am reading dis?

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6 No Tanks (Except for Gay Tony)

No tanks, no accessible planes,no bicycles, no customizations, no ability to swim underwater, no creative and unique missions... And the amount of love this overrated boring trash gets is mesmerizing. Grand Theft Auto 4 fanboys who think thinks this game is the best obviously haven't played other Grand Theft Auto games. Because those who did know that this was the worst Grand Theft Auto game. Grand Theft Auto 4 is garbage.

So this tank is a gay?


7 Horrible Currency System

The only thing you can buy is guns clothes and car repairs. Clothes are cheap and car repair is cheaper. You end up with 1,000,000 and nothing to buy.

Niko has $400,000 to his name and he's still killing people for $1000 per head because he "really needs the money". - marmalade_skies

That's not true. You can also buy food and drinks, and pay to play bowling if you're bored.

Wow. If you guys consider this game to be bad because you have too much money, you're idiots. Every other Grand Theft Auto game other than V has this exact same problem, so if you prefer Vice City over IV, please, don't be self contradictory, and don't consider this as a valid point.

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8 Boring Gameplay

It was really agonizing playing the game. It's no fun at all, literally. There's absolutely no storyline. Grossly and vastly over-hype and over-rated. It will bore you to tears with all the repetitive tasks like, go steal a car, go chase down this car, go find this person, go make you girlfriend happy, go make your friends happy, etc. Vehicle handling was like s*, after you had made a 90 degree turn, the camera is still facing the initial direction that you were on, you can't see where you're heading. The game is buggy too, without the patch, you won't be able to bowl or play pool (not to suggest that they were any fun). It's ridiculous that it was getting like a 10/10 everywhere.

The missions are boring and repetitive, every mission is the same procedure: drive here, shoot people, shoot cops, lose the heat. Iv you've never played San Andreas, you'd be amazed at how creative those missions were.

I have to admit, some of the missions are repetitive. But really! Kidnapping, helicopter chase, stealing diamonds, and BOWLING? Really? That's not to repetitive, if you ask me. Also, the amazing plot and characters fully make up for any repetition.


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9 Annoying Friend System

*Calls Packie*

Niko: Hey Packie, want to get a drink?

Patrick: Niko, you woke me up

Niko: Sorry, maybe another time then

*Packie like percentage down by 10%*

10 Can't Customize Cars

It is a very major problem in Grand Theft Auto 4 that you can only paint yous car

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11 Too Much Realism

They don't make Grand Theft Auto games like they used to, they should bring back the Grand Theft Auto 3 era feel, Grand Theft Auto 4 is great, but compared to the Grand Theft Auto 3 era, its nothing.

I agree I think grand 4 is to real compared to the other Grand Theft Auto's

How is it bad for being too real? Please answer.

Say it to grand theft auto five its head will explode

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12 Stupid Game Plot

What are you talking about the plot is awesome!

Worst plot ever in any Grand Theft Auto game.

The plot in Grand Theft Auto 4 was bland as hell! - Raizulee

Your whole childhood and adulthood is a stupid plot. - Balluba

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13 Terrible Physics System

Are you kidding? Euphoria had the best physics system along with the best driving in all Grand Theft Auto, it actually felt like tripping and handling. you monkeys need everything handed?

If any shooter had physics, everybody would die in one shot.

Actually people can take more than one bullet. Especially in these Grand Theft Auto gunfights with adrenaline pumping then they would take a good amount before falling

Seriously? I mean, everyone is taking about how great Grand Theft Auto IV physics is the so great and there are even Grand Theft Auto 4 physics mod for Grand Theft Auto 5!

What? Grand Theft Auto iv have one of the BEST physics of alll time

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14 The Sixaxis Tutorial

Every time I go to activate a cheat, I activate this annoying troll thing. - DunnaNunnaBatman

It's not my thing in this part of the game because I can't even drive a car while using a game controller as a turn wheel! How dumb can that be?

15 Lack of Customization

Grand Theft Auto has always been a balance of a fixed narrative and make your own narrative. You need a balance of both and Grand Theft Auto 4 leaned a bit too far into the fixed part. - marmalade_skies

If you could customize a car or apartment or something either than clothes it would be a lot better

So True,..

Not enough clothing options, no tattoo or hair options, and barely any car customization at all.
*cue sarcastic remark*

Oh my god, I'm so overwhelmed by how much stuff is in this game!

16 Sexual Content

Too much sex? When? In the whole main story there is 0 sexual content, if you don't pay prostitutes and don't "try your luck" there is virtually 0 sex.

This is Grand Theft Auto, what do you expect? - 4rs3R4mm3r

Ever played Grand Theft Auto San Andreas? It has many sexual content such as Catalina's phone call after completing the mission "End of The Line". Grand Theft Auto IV is rated 17+.

Oh... you are 3 years old and you are impressed when seeing sex in Grand Theft Auto? - MaxiThresher

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17 Crappy Multiplayer

True af

18 Screen Is Too Dark

You can brighten it up by finding your settings...

When it's night I can't see anything

Change of weather cheat! Make it sunny

I ALWAYS use cheats in Grand Theft Auto 5 or 4 if am to lazy to steal an airplane or whatever and I use it for weather too u can use sunny cheat

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19 A Liberty City Rehash Was Done Before

Los santos is better than liberty city

Grand Theft Auto 1, Grand Theft Auto 2, Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto advanced, Grand Theft Auto lcs were all in liberty city. Whats wrong with vice city or san andreas? And this rehash wasnt even all that great compared to 3 and lcs.

In Grand Theft Auto 1,3,Advanced, and LCS there was Shoreside Vale, Staunton, and Portland.
In 4 there's Alderney(Shoreside Vale), Algonquin(Staunton), and East Island(Portland). It's now a totally different Liberty City - spiderskull98

LIBERTY CITY SUCKS!, S. A for the win...

20 Different Canonicity
21 Boring Clothing

I only get to pick between some dumb suits, dirty clothing, and some odd stuff dads at home wear? I was expecting some nice clothing, but the best I could find is a tuxedo? Not enough selections for clothing.

Do they have masks there? Like my special stunt space monkey mask that I only use for stunts in Grand Theft Auto 5?

22 Gives Bad Examples for Kids

Seriously a 8 years old kid killed his grandma with a gun because of this game

Well its an 18+ game for a reason, kids shouldn't have this game at all, not the games fault it's the parents fault

Grand Theft Auto is rated 17+ for all of the games except for Grand Theft Auto 2, which was rated for teens.

Whoever posted this is an idiot.

Its rated m kids should not play m rated games

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23 Bad Fighting

Not true.Grand Theft Auto 4 have best fighting system

24 Lame Missions

The missions have no effect on other missions they unlock.

25 Boring Story

The only fun mission in the whole game, was the mission when you (spoiler alert) do a jail break with Niko and Packie and everyone else. The rest of the game is boring, not enough adventure and when you finish the game, you do nothing but sit around with nothing to do. I wanted to go do heists or something, but you can't even get airplanes only some dumb looking helicopters.

I wouldn't consider it boring because it's supposed to show the life of a criminal. The storyline isn't "boring", it's sad and tragic.

26 Drunk Camera

First time it make for drink alchohol but then became glithces. I hate it

If u drink beer all the time in Grand Theft Auto bro tchem yes u will Hvar it forever until u STAPH drinking beer

27 It's GTA

It's Grand Theft Auto? What the hell?

What the... I don't get this...


28 Must have a Rockstar Games Social Club account to save game

Not true.

No you just have to go to any of your Safehouses, go to the bed, then press Y(Xbox) or Triangle(PS3) - spiderskull98

29 Roman's Accent

I stopped playing this game because I just could not understand Romans accent. Even when I stopped his voice was stuck in my head for days without end.

I stopped playing because I just could not understand roman's accent, it was so annoying and even when I stopped his voice was stuck in my head for days.

Niko let's go bowling. This sentence is why I stopped playing, it's bad enough that he says this but saying this this with Romans accent just makes it worse.

If you can't understand a normal accent, you must have hearing issues.

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30 Turning cars

When I go fast and I have no time when I turn I slide to the end of the street in some of the cars

Especially when your racing it slides around like a boat - shfydgi

Turning in cars sucks in Grand Theft Auto iv

Well go 110mph in real life, and then brake sharply. you will see why it turns so sharply

31 Bad Controls In PC Version

Get a custom PC controller then - spiderskull98

We can't look around with keyboard. in Grand Theft Auto san andreas and previous 3d Grand Theft Auto games we can look around with 4,6,8,2

32 Renaming the Map

I agree with this - spiderskull98

I agree too but I dunno how to name it :|

In the 3D universe GTAs with Liberty there was Shoreside Vale, Staunton, and Portland. Now in 4 it's Alderney (Shoreside Vale), Algonquin(Staunton)and East Island (Portland) - spiderskull98

33 911 System Sucks

Firefighters don't arrive in time unless you call them before the fire starts. If they do arrive to the scene of a fire, they don't put it out, and sometimes they even catch on fire themselves and the truck panics and drives away.

The ambulance is supposed to heal your health, but it doesn't work during a fight because guns and melee scare them away. In fact hot dog stands and vending machines are spread around enough to make the feature useless.

Calling for police is cool because you can watch them shoot out with criminals. However they will die about 50% of the time, and even calling enough officers to take down one or two guys is wearisome since they're bad shots and spend minutes in cover in bad positions, so it's useless as well. - airbb

911 emergency paramedics and firefighters suck!
when I call them if there is fire they say wrong call! stupid rockstar games

34 The Cheats

Developers changed the cheat system, so you input them from your phone now. Even though they're saved to the menu, it's difficult to use on foot when being shot at because you drop the phone if hurt, and using the phone also takes you out of cover.

Fun cheats are gone too. You can raise and lower the wanted level, refill ammo and health, spawn a few different vehicles, and change the weather. The most fun cheat is either the boat or the motorbike, not because the cheat itself is fun, but because you can abuse them by ie: dropping the boat onto cars/pedestrians, or glitching into inaccessible interiors with the bike. - airbb

35 Boring Atmosphere
36 Boring Protagonist

What's wrong with Niko, Johnny, and Luis? You Grand Theft Auto V fans make me sick... - Gehenna

37 The HUD sucks

Seriously, the hud sucks. Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto Vice City had the best huds in my opinion.

38 No Love Lost mission

I really hate this mission

Is this mission with sex or whatt

39 It's Too Dirty

There isn't as much sexual content as San Andreas. by the way, it's rated 17+ and older for a reason.

The City is so trashy.

U will have a dirty mind when u see chop (a cute dog) in Grand Theft Auto 5 doing sex then u might change your mind about Grand Theft Auto 4

40 Annoying Characters

What do you mean by annoying? at least give us some reasons.

Oooh u mean in the story or what? When they spoil something in the story mode or what?

41 Niko is an errand boy

Niko go do this niko suck

42 No Animals

Oh and the peyote plants work only on Xbox one and PlayStation 4 so say bye bye to your peyote plants if u have Xbox 360 like me or PlayStation 3

There is only 1 animal in game: birds. Only 1 bird breed which is pigeon. Wow gg Rockstar

Ok look Grand Theft Auto 4 animals: a pigeon who poos on your car sometimes

Grand Theft Auto 5 animals: mountain lion,desert falcon,pigeon,Labrador,chop,sharks And peyote plants which make possible players become ANY animal like shark poodle stingray dolphins orca cow pig (u know what perfect rockstar a pig ) squirrel and stuff like that so who wins this one? U know who 8) oh and I forgot u can also get a peyote plant in the forest and become the legendary Bigfoot :0

43 The PC Port

They took a decent game, then did a horrible port. Lag here. Crash there. It makes the game not enjoyable.

Damn thing doesn't even work on integrated graphics... - Balluba

44 Stupid Fat Cops

Almost like in the Simpsons

45 Poor Sound Quality
46 Tommy Vercetti was more badass than Niko Bellic
47 Gameplay sucks
48 The Game is Too Dark
49 Liberty City Has the Most Boring Map
50 It's so Overrated
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