Top Ten Reasons Grand Theft Auto IV Sucks

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21 Annoying Characters

What do you mean by annoying? at least give us some reasons.

Oooh u mean in the story or what? When they spoil something in the story mode or what?

22 Boring Story

The only fun mission in the whole game, was the mission when you (spoiler alert) do a jail break with Niko and Packie and everyone else. The rest of the game is boring, not enough adventure and when you finish the game, you do nothing but sit around with nothing to do. I wanted to go do heists or something, but you can't even get airplanes only some dumb looking helicopters.

I wouldn't consider it boring because it's supposed to show the life of a criminal. The storyline isn't "boring", it's sad and tragic.

23 Screen Is Too Dark

You can brighten it up by finding your settings...

When it's night I can't see anything

Change of weather cheat! Make it sunny

I ALWAYS use cheats in Grand Theft Auto 5 or 4 if am to lazy to steal an airplane or whatever and I use it for weather too u can use sunny cheat

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24 Bad Controls In PC Version

We can't look around with keyboard. in Grand Theft Auto san andreas and previous 3d Grand Theft Auto games we can look around with 4,6,8,2

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25 Boring Clothing

I only get to pick between some dumb suits, dirty clothing, and some odd stuff dads at home wear? I was expecting some nice clothing, but the best I could find is a tuxedo? Not enough selections for clothing.

Do they have masks there? Like my special stunt space monkey mask that I only use for stunts in Grand Theft Auto 5?

26 Gives Bad Examples for Kids

Seriously a 8 years old kid killed his grandma with a gun because of this game

Well its an 18+ game for a reason, kids shouldn't have this game at all, not the games fault it's the parents fault

Grand Theft Auto is rated 17+ for all of the games except for Grand Theft Auto 2, which was rated for teens.

Whoever posted this is an idiot.

Can't stand the Slavic background...

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27 It's GTA

It's Grand Theft Auto? What the hell?

What the... I don't get this...


28 Must have a Rockstar Games Social Club account to save game

Not true.

No you just have to go to any of your Safehouses, go to the bed, then press Y(Xbox) or Triangle(PS3) - spiderskull98

29 Drunk Camera

First time it make for drink alchohol but then became glithces. I hate it

If u drink beer all the time in Grand Theft Auto bro tchem yes u will Hvar it forever until u STAPH drinking beer

30 Roman's Accent

I stopped playing this game because I just could not understand Romans accent. Even when I stopped his voice was stuck in my head for days without end.

I stopped playing because I just could not understand roman's accent, it was so annoying and even when I stopped his voice was stuck in my head for days.

Niko let's go bowling. This sentence is why I stopped playing, it's bad enough that he says this but saying this this with Romans accent just makes it worse.

If you can't understand a normal accent, you must have hearing issues.

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31 Turning cars

When I go fast and I have no time when I turn I slide to the end of the street in some of the cars

Especially when your racing it slides around like a boat - shfydgi

Turning in cars sucks in Grand Theft Auto iv

Well go 110mph in real life, and then brake sharply. you will see why it turns so sharply

32 Bad Fighting
33 911 System Sucks

911 emergency paramedics and firefighters suck!
when I call them if there is fire they say wrong call! stupid rockstar games

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34 Boring Atmosphere
35 The HUD sucks

Seriously, the hud sucks. Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto Vice City had the best huds in my opinion.

36 No Love Lost mission V 2 Comments
37 It's Too Dirty

There isn't as much sexual content as San Andreas. by the way, it's rated 17+ and older for a reason.

The City is so trashy.

U will have a dirty mind when u see chop (a cute dog) in Grand Theft Auto 5 doing sex then u might change your mind about Grand Theft Auto 4

38 Renaming the Map V 3 Comments
39 No Animals

Oh and the peyote plants work only on Xbox one and PlayStation 4 so say bye bye to your peyote plants if u have Xbox 360 like me or PlayStation 3

There is only 1 animal in game: birds. Only 1 bird breed which is pigeon. Wow gg Rockstar

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40 The PC Port

They took a decent game, then did a horrible port. Lag here. Crash there. It makes the game not enjoyable.

Damn thing doesn't even work on integrated graphics... - Balluba

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