Top Ten Reason to Hate the List "Top 10 Things Kids Should Know and Understand"


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1 It's preachy

So you thought it wouldn't be preachy at all to shout down one of the hardest working users here? This list says nothing reasonable. Do something better with your life. - PositronWildhawk

Forcing kids to be good? Like, by gun point? I'd stop reading right away if my life was in jeopardy while reading a list.

Lists like prove that YOU can't handle different opinions.

I'm just going to boo all of your lists. Boo. - MontyPython

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2 It's inaccurate

Those things are fun. Let's see how far they take you once you have bills to pay.

The list says hard work is fun, but it's not. Netflix is fun. Call of Duty is fun. - KoolGuy2218

I'm sure your "fun" will get food on the table and a roof over your head.

One that isn't your mothers basement, of course. - keycha1n

3 It treats kids like criminals

Wait, did the list call the cops on you? Did you get arrested? I'll bet that was so scary...

More like YOU treat kids like criminals with your inaccurate lists.

4 Not everyone is beautiful

I thought you said above that "All people are the same! ". Wouldn't that make everyone either beautiful or ugly?

Where do you think the term "ugly" came from? - KoolGuy2218

The term "ugly" came from you, KoolGuy.

5 Kids have the same rights as adults

Yes, we should definitely allow 5 year olds to drive, vote and join the military.

Funny thing is, I used to think the same thing. My opinion was changed when one of my classmates said that if she was old enough to vote, she would vote for Kanye West 2020. A part of me died that day. - ObviouslyNotATroll

Sadly, Adults haven't realised this yet - KoolGuy2218

6 It treats kids like idiots

In general, kids are unfit for employment, are a burden of their guardians and of the state, lack basic life skills, and are incapable of being self-sufficient, contributing members of society. So, yeah, in a relative sense, kids are idiots.

7 You don't have to work hard to get famous anymore

Right, there's American Idol, Survivor, the lottery... All guaranteed to make you rich and successful.

This list proves that Nintendofan126 is a bad user - TheKirbyCreeper999

Which is an improvement from previous generations - KoolGuy2218

8 Education does not matter

Education is boring.

Let's see someone without any education, outside of playing Call of Duty and watching Netflix, go outside and build a house, grow their food, raise sheep and make their own clothing. Then, create an electrical grid, make a computer and communication system out of what they can find in their front yard, then make a couple billion more. Connect all those pieces of electronics to your electrical grid and communication system, create a website, then post your thoughts about the necessity of education on said website...

It's easy to devalue education when your life is lived piggybacking on the achievements of others.

Of course not. If everyone was educated, who would cook my fries and bag my groceries? The world needs janitors.

This is a stupid troll item. Don't you realize you are lucky to have a chance to get education? Kids in poor countries beg and have to work in sweatshops just to learn the ABCs. School may be annoying, stressful, and hard at times, but in the end it will help you greatly. This list item is stupid and should be removed. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

We may not be on good terms and all, but I have to say, I agree with you on this comment. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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9 It says every generation is getting worse

It is. The Who already explained this with their generation. "People try to put us down, just because we get around." - MontyPython

10 It was obviously made by an adult

Like almost everything else in the world. This site, the computer or device you're using to view it, the online infrastructure you're using,... You know, stuff people are able to create with the help of experience and education.

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11 It makes kids and teens look stupid
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