Top Ten Reason the Mario Haters are the Most Annoying

I made this list because the world needs to know hom much toxic the Mario hatebase is.

The Top Ten

1 They Always Make Video Like Why Mario is Not a Hero or Why Luigi is Better Than Mario.

What's sad is most Mario haters are Luigi fans

I 100% agree with you and I'm a Luigi fan myself. Most of his fans are Game Theory fans

1)They bash mario like it doesn't have a tomorrow
2) they say Luigi is better for pointless things
3) They get butthurt if you say Mario is better
4) They use fan things to prove Mario is (not) mental. - FrancescoBertini

2 When ''the Mario is Mental'' Theory Came Out, the Haters Have Constantly Added More Fuel Making Videos Like Racist Mario.

I remember when youtube was filled whit video like "Go Mario Go" on 2006 to 2010, now all the video they make are:
1. Mario being a sociopath
2. Mario animations whit Blood and gore - FrancescoBertini

3 They Talk How His Games are Overrated as Hell but They Never Talk About the Zelda Ones.

The zelda franchise in general is quite overrated, and this site is full of his fanboys, pratically all of his character are always on the top of any list on this website. - FrancescoBertini

4 The YouTubers Always Made Video Like ''Mario vs Sonic'' Where Sonic is Always the Winner, Making the Sonic Fanboys Overreacting and Mocking the Mario Fans.

Sonic realistically wins - Hummingbirdf

Oh so that’s why Mario fans hate sonic

And then Mario fans fought back - ParkerFang

5 The TopTenners Make Lists on Mario on Negative Way but Never on Zelda.

Zelda Fans are the ones who should get hate and have a poor life not Mario.

Because Zelda fans are everywhere on this website - ParkerFang

6 His Characters are Usually on Lists Like ''Worst/Overrated Characters''

Especially Peach and Rosalina. They get too much hate in here - ParkerFang

Same goes for Sonic characters - ParkerFang

7 Most of Them Always Say How Mario is ''a Bad Character and He Lack of a Personality'' Without Giving Proof.

Mario have showed multiple times that he have a personality on the RPGs, nintendo have even make a manuale who Was talking about mario and samus personality - FrancescoBertini

8 They Constantly Say His Games are the Same Thing and His Series is Milked.

Call of Duty fans in a nutshell - ParkerFang

I have read a comment who said: ''even Call Of Duty have more variety than Mario''

really? - FrancescoBertini

9 They Saying How Mario is an Overpraised Character When Sonic is Totally Acclaimed by Everyone.

Luigi, Yoshi, Waluigi, etc. - ParkerFang

No both are overrated

No man's, Mario is so hated that is almost a blasphemy call him overrated - FrancescoBertini

10 When Nintendo Have Said Mario Originally (Not Official) Punched Yoshi, the Matpat Fanbase Have Started Spreading that Article Saying ''matpat Was Right Game Facts!''

Annoying as hell - FrancescoBertini

The Contenders

11 For them bowser is the most overrated villain because he have nothing special when in reality he can be pretty cool sometimes.

No he has nothing special all he does is kidnap Peach - Hummingbirdf

12 They Hate Him Because is an Icon of Gaming.

People are just jealous of success - ParkerFang

13 The "debaters" always downplay him using the argument: he can die by touching a goomba.

Let's face it: Mario is so downplayed that even sackboy is more wanked than him. - FrancescoBertini

14 They keep giving Sonic more defense but not Mario

I’m telling you. They keep saying sonic isn't overrated but he is, why Mario is better than sonic is because he Dosnet have a bad fanbase like sonic does. Screw sega and there bland games. I hate Sonic now because of all of you and why 1:one of my class mates naod told me to stop liking Mario and like sonic instead 2:My Cousin Bree made a stupid pun saying Sonic is better than Mario (and my did not care if I was upset) 3:I see SONIC HERE! SONIC THERE! SONIC EVERYWHERE! I'm SO JEALOUS THAT SONIC HAS THE WORST FANBASE IN THE WORLD! And thank goodness people want him dead, that’s actually a good thing

15 People Only Hate on Him Because They are Game Theory Fanboys and Fangirls
16 Most haters say Mario Fans disrespect opinions when they do the same
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