Top 10 Reason People Don't Like Five Nights at Freddy's Anymore

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Bad Fanbase

The fanbase is worse than Sonic's.

Very true. It seems that if something becomes popular nowadays, it will have a bad fanbase. It's like you would have to be obscure in order to not have a bad fanbase. But even so, having a horrible fanbase doesn't make a game bad. I've seen tons of great video games and characters that suffer from having some of the worst fanbases in existence, and the fanbases alone doesn't stop the games and such from being likable.

In terms of Five Night's at Freddy's on the other hand... I still haven't got around in playing the games yet, but it seems that the fanbase are at war at each other when it comes to gender debates, shipping wars and alignment wars. The latter is especially silly because all of the animatronic characters in Five Night's at Freddy's play the antagonist role, so no, none of them are "good guys". The closest we can get to a 'good guy' in this is the human player character.

Is this just my imagination, or is that more and more adults are going to Chuck E. ...more

Too Many Games in 1 Year
Furries are Annoying
Very Overrated

Shut up just just shut up

You Do the Same Thing the Whole Game

There's 2-3 good reasons on here. - mattstat716

Bad Fan Art
All the Scares are Cheap Jumpscares
Very Frustrating
Too Many Kids Play It
You Can't Move

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People mistaken real-life animatronics for Five Night's at Freddy's
It's A Cash Grab
Foxy Fangirls
It's taking over MMD
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