Reason Why the Bombardier Crj-700 is Better Than the Bombardier Dash-8-q400

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1 It's More Powerful

Yeah, I agree. I agree so much... - Puga

2 It's Newer

Q400 was released in the 80s while the CRJ-700 was released in the 90s. - Dantereturns

3 It Flies Faster

A lot faster. If you are flying to Burbank from Portland you're get there in 1hr and 45 minutes with a CRJ-700 and 2hr and 15 mins with a Q400. - Dantereturns

4 It Flies Longer

CRJ-700 can fly for nearly 2,000 miles while the Q400 can fly 1,500 miles. - Dantereturns

5 It Has Bigger and Better Seats

You have more head room and leg room in the CRJ-700 compared to the Q400. - Dantereturns

6 It Takes Off and Lands Better

CRJ-700s makes more powerful and longer take offs and landings than the Q400s. - Dantereturns

7 It's Less Cramped

Both planes have cramp seats but the CRJ-700 is less cramp. - Dantereturns

8 It's Less Crowded

The Q400 can carry 72 people and the CRJ-700 can carry 70 people which makes it a little bit less crowded. - Dantereturns

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