Top Ten Reason Why Cats Are the Worst Animal

The Top Ten

1 They eat birds

Hey, animals are animals. I know it sucks when your favorite animal is being eaten. For animals, killing is neutral. - Delgia2k

Hey, don't diss cats. - TheGreenSkittle

Birds are so sweet! They have a nice chirp but a cat comes and eats it

Humans eat like, 50,000 birds every second. - keycha1n

2 They learn no tricks

Go! *cricket noise OH COME OM

3 They never look happy

Maybe its because peole like you are mean to them. - TheGreenSkittle

4 They are lazy

Always take naps

5 They disturb other neighbors


6 They scratch

Until you bleed

7 Nearly all the breeds look the same

Yeah I agree all the breeds look the same

8 They are scared of dogs that try to welcome

My cousin has a dog and my cat is seriously afraid of him and the dog is a wittle baby and my cat wittle too! - MeaganSaysHI

Dog: wuff! (Hello! )
Cat runs

9 They never show emotions

They rub up against you - bobbythebrony

Never wags its tail

10 They scratch your crotch

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11 Their eyes are weird
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