Top Ten Reason Why This List Is Dangerous, Unhealthy, and Should Only Be Read With Caution

The Top Ten

1 It's the rason why BritGirl's glitch has started to spread all over.

Let the roast of TheTopTens begin grabs popcorn - CerealGuy

2 The comment below will explain
3 The list is fishy and consuming too much fish will give you mercury poisoning and no, Freddie Mercury will not be resurrected from the procedure of doing it

You mean it doesn't work? Darn it! I wanted to bring back music legends, but now I'm in the hospital. - ethanmeinster

4 It causes the newly discovered disorder called Universaldiplomanemohomophobicpyrolipsynthindevelopmentsoyoubetterwatchyourbackbasically Syndrome and it's pretty rare, only one person suffers from it
5 Seven is a lucky number but ironically, there are seven deadly sins in mythology. Therefore, the seventh item will give you both intense good luck and bad luck

Good thing this item is 6th!

As of now, this actually is number 7.

6 It destroys the skin cells and hardens the skin to gangrene which leads to dissolving of body parts... And then the organs may fall off... And also the cookies are left in the oven for too long
7 It's extremely irritable to the eye as the list excretes nano-chemicals (definitely not made up) randomly like a male sprinkler.
8 It's made by a dude who's ginger. Never trust a ginger as their roots has special powers to steal the entity out of a human body

This explains how SuperHyperdude got such an amazing personality... Some lists must have accumulated humor from others with time. - Turkeyasylum

9 It's scientifically proven by scientists that each item removes one thousand electrons and an addition to that, increases the chance of a stroke
10 It may intensify your urge to punch your computer and then take it to a technician, just to tell them you've tried to kill a virus bug with your bare hands

Gr...a hippo punched my computer and he thought it was a bug. - CerealGuy

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