100 Follower Special

I'm discovered this site in November 2014 and joined in June 2015. Four months later, I'm reach to 100 Followers.

Oh my god, this is so beautiful. I can't tell because I'm so happy. I don't think of I'm reach to 100 followers on the four months but finally realized.

Thanks for this great users:

Ultimate HybridX: He is my first friend on the site and his music taste awesome. Besides, he is one of first followers. But I think of he is retired, but I hope he back. He knows fun talking and respect :)

velitelcabal: He is probably the best newcomer of this year. Not only that, I'm very glad to talking on the chat with her. We're music taste is similar, in my opinion. He is just not a great friend, also he understands and respects users' thoughts.

BlueDiamondFromNowhere: We probably the biggest Evanescence fans on the site XD! She kinda sweet and respectful person. His music taste is similar. I hope she gets back because I like to talking with her.

EvilAngel: One of the greatest users and one of my friends. He has great taste in rock&metal. He loves two of my favorite bands like Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin (I'm not a big BB fan but still like this band :P) and he helps my Breaking Benjamin's Music Madness Tournament, thanks Robert so much :-)

RockStarr: One of the best newcomers along with velitelcabal. He almost retire because some users are dislikes him. If, RockStarr improves herself, he probably becomes one of the best and most popular users :-) Also, he's a great Family Guy fan and he created a list about me :)

SamuiNeko: MEOW! Cats are my all time favorite animals and she loves them so much. She is such a sweet and intelligent user.

Ananya: She is the biggest female metalhead, no doubt. She always understands me and Ananya likes so many metal bands, actually this is surprised me :P Stay cool Ananya m/

RiverClanRocks: Tiffany is great, intelligent and respectful user. She is one of my likeable followers. I like talking with her because she has good grammar and she knows fun. She is deserves it on my "Best Female Users" remix.

..and yeah, I'm having so many great friends on TheTopTens, Actually my target is I'm just want to be a respectful, tolerant, likeable user. Besides, I'm improve to my English thanks to TheTopTens.

Well, thanks for my all friends and my followers, stay cool!


Congratulations! - SamuiNeko

Our pleasure budd, for any of us on TTT, when ever anyone reaches this many followers it truly is awesome. Wish ya more followers to come - RustyNail

Thank you for the lovely description of me dude, and you're one of my favourite members too - EvilAngel

Congrats! And you were here since November? And joined the community in June? We came here at the same time! - visitor

Congrats - bobbythebrony

great! - Ananya

Oh thank you yusuf, you are very special to me my friend! - Ananya

Congratulations - Martinglez

Great job,brother and amazing post,too! Keep with the awesome work! - UltimateHybridX

congrats! - Danguy10

Noice m8. Glad u got that many followers cause you definitely deserve them - SirSkeletorThe3rd

We should talk more often... - ProPanda