Reasons the 90s Wasn’t the Perfect Decade Everyone Makes It Out to Be

The 90s was a great decade, I am not at all denying that, but that doesn’t mean nothing bad happened. Just like every other decade, it had its moments.

The Top Ten Reasons the 90s Wasn’t the Perfect Decade Everyone Makes It Out to Be

1 There were still wars
2 There were still shootings
3 There were still bombings
4 There were still deadly diseases spreading around
5 There were still pedophiles
6 There were still criminals
7 There were still millions of amazing people dying

Donald Pleasance, Kurt Cobain, Red Foxx, Jimmy Stewart, Kenny Everett, Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, Stanley Kubrick, Don Messick, Chris Latta, Andre the Giant, Scatman John, Eazy E, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, George Burns, Robert Mitchum, Bill Hicks, Peter Cushing, Mary Kay Bergmann, Selena, the list goes on!

8 There was still racism
9 There was still sexism
10 Not all 90s kids are perfect angels like many of them make themselves out to be

This website is just to attack 90s kids.

I’ve noticed how there are some 90s kids that think they’re superior over the new generation of kids just because they were born earlier. - 3DG20

The Contenders

11 The decade's cartoons were extremely overrated (especially Ren & Stimpy and Beavis & Butt-Head)

Rocko's Modern Life is probably about the closest they ever came to actually living up to their hype to be honest - xandermartin98

12 The technology wasn't even that good back then

Nowadays people are called digital zombies.
But I don't have Obsessive 1990s Disorder like many 90s kids on the internet.
Does the word Obsessive 1990s Disorder or Obsessive 90s Disorder exist?

Technology has advanced significantly since the 90s, especially phones. You couldn’t even take good quality pictures back then and now look at it. - 3DG20

13 There were still crappy movies

(cough) Sylvester Stallone as Judge Dredd (wheeze) - xandermartin98

14 It was still harder to access information
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