Reasons Aegislash is Better Than Charizard

Yeah Charizard is not really that good. Charizard is so overrated here but Aegislash is better competitively so just look at smogon. Charizard has some stuff over Aegislash but not as good. Genwunners like to bash Aegislash for being an inanimate object when Aegislash is much better and stronger. Charizard is still a lovable Pokemon and worth using its mega form on your team. I like Charizard but genwunners make me want to hate him.

The Top Ten

1 Aegislash has a variety of resistances while Charizard dies to a rock
2 Charizard relies on Mega Evolution to be strong

Yes so true charizard mega forms are only ones worth using

Both Megas are strong but still Aegislash rules over the 2. - Masterofal

3 Aegislash has high attack stats and defense stats in each of its forms
4 Aegislash has a great signature move

Kimg's Shield is great for playing mind games and lowering attack plus Aegislash has other cool move but all of Charizard's are boring - Masterofal

5 Aegislash looks much cooler

No one ever thought of a sword holding a shield and some cloths but Charizard is boring and someone can easily come up with that - Masterofal

6 Charizard is overrated unlike Aegislash

Genwunners need to shut up - Masterofal

7 Aegislash has a typing no other Pokemon has
8 Aegislash was banned to ubers

Smogo peeps - Masterofal

9 Everyone thinks Charizard (regular) is strong but he isn't

Nah charzaizd is way better and does only one person agrees that aeigalsh is better

10 Charizard is outclassed

So many other fire types are better - Masterofal

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