Top Ten Reasons That Algebra is Better Than PE


The Top Ten

1 Algebra is fun

You have been horribly misinformed... - ThatOneRacer

2 Algebra doesn't kill you when you do it
3 PE hurts a lot more

Algebra = stress
P.E. = exercise I learnt judo. The only thing that hurts is that stupid game called dodgeball.

But math hurts your BRAIN...

I'd actually have to agree. I was literally bleeding on my hands, three kid's legs were bleeding, and like ten kids fell on their head during gym class. - AnonymousChick

I agree that algebra is HORRID but PE is just HELL
i once had a teacher that didn't give a dam about us kids,proof? I got smacked in the head with a shot-put,and was lying on the ground in agony,when that idiot said----
"get up,youl be fine" I WAS NOT FINE--- SCREW YOU MR HOGGETT

4 You don't do it every day
5 Algebra feels creative even though it is not
6 PE most likely has a meaner teacher

Nope! My PE teacher is actually really nice. - gizzmokids

One of my PE teachers said"get up,you'll be fine" when I was smavked in the head by a 1.5 kg shot-put-

7 Algebra is used in real life

...hardly ever but at times - TheGreenSkittle

8 PE makes you sit on the ground
9 PE is unfair to the people who can't touch their toes

Algebra is unfair to people who can't count to ten.

Could this Nerd Vs Jock thing stop? - Puga

Well, you dog, if you want to complain about lists please go somewhere else. - TheGreenSkittle

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