Top 10 Reasons Alice in Chains Was the Best Grunge Band

In my opinion the best grunge band was Alice in Chains and here are the reasons why.

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1 Layne Staley's was an amazing singer

His vocals are amazing he can sing heavy metal songs and also do melodic slower alternative songs which he does very well and works well with Jerry Cantrell's backing vocals which he also does very well. Layney is in my top 10 favorite singers and in my opinion is the best alternative singer. - christangrant

2 They play different styles of rock and metal very well

You want heavy songs? Listen to We Die Young, Them Bones, Dam That River, It Ain't Like That, Man in the Box, Grind Etc.

You want slower more melodic songs? , Listen to Nutshell, Down In a Hole, I Stay Away, Sea of Sorrow etc.

You want more sludger and doomer songs try the songs from The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here and Black Gives Way to Blue.

You want a combo of Heavy and Melodic listen to Rooster

You see AIC can do many styles and they do well at all of them. - christangrant

3 Their songs are technically more skilled than most other grunge bands

Soundgarden is also very technically skilled Alice in Chains however is also very technically skilled especially when compared to Nirvana where their songs are very simple and easy to play/sing etc Alice in Chains as well as Soundgarden were much more technically skilled and much harder to play they are also much more advanced than Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Melvins and L7. - christangrant

4 Jerry Cantrell's is an amazing backing vocalist

His backing vocals are amazing to me he is the best backing vocalist of all time he is such a good backing vocalist that he could sing lead vocals perfectly which not many backing vocalists can do. - christangrant

5 They are the heaviest grunge band and are much closer to metal than most of the other grunge bands

I disagree with that because the Melvins are clearly the heaviest grunge band. - Soulstealer

They are the heaviest grunge band and they are also a metal band mainly because they combine Heavy Metal with Alternative Rock (Which is why they are in the Metal Encyclopedia). They are also the closest to metal out of all the grunge bands although Soundgarden and Melvins are also close to metal (They are both in the Metal Encyclopedia as well). - christangrant

6 They had very few lineup changes

They only ever had to change two things 1 a new bassist and 2 a new singer which is something most grunge bands can't say as a lot of them had many lineup changes which even Nirvana has had many lineup changes mostly for drums. Because of this they are the most stable band in the grunge genre. - christangrant

7 All of their albums are great

This is something not every band can say but Alice in Chains does not have a single bad album all of their albums are great and not a single one is bad even the ones without Layne Staley are still very good and somewhat underrated albums as well mainly Black Gives Way to Blue. - christangrant

8 Dirt is the best grunge album and also one of the best metal albums

In my opinion Dirt is the best grunge album and is also in my top 10 metal albums for reason all the songs are great, you got heavy songs like Dam That River and Them Bones and then you get softer more melodic songs like Down in a Hole and Would? and Rooster is a combo of heavy and melodic songs, heck even Iron Gland is an awesome song because Tom Araya from SLAYER! does the vocals but anyway Dirt in my opinion is one of the best albums of all time and the best grunge album To me it makes Nevermind by Nirvana look like a pile of crap in comparison. The only other grunge album I would say that comes close to the greatness of Dirt is Badmotorfinger by Soundgarden but Dirt is better in my opinion. - christangrant

9 Unlike other grunge bands, they are still playing to this day

As of 11/26/2017 AIC is still playing live shows around the world even after the death of Layne Staley which many other grunge bands can't say that, Nirvana is done, Temple of the Dog is done, Green River is done, possibly Soundgarden as well but AIC along with Stone Temple Pilots, Melvins, Pearl Jam, L7 are still playing to this day although I don't think any of them play grunge music anymore they rather play Alternative Rock/Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, and Sludge Metal however all of these bands have had lineup changes to them. - christangrant

10 They have many different lyrical themes

They sang many different lyrical themes but all of them relate to sadness, they sang about Depression, Drugs, Suicide, Death and Pain and some other songs like Rooster for example is about war have different lyrical themes. - christangrant

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11 Man in the Box is the best grunge song
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