Top Ten Reasons Aliens Might Be Visiting Earth

Because of a few personal sightings during my life, I'm a bit of a UFO "buff". These are a few of many theories I've came across after years of reading on the subject. I'm personally not totally convinced on any theory. I just believe UFOs are a real thing. What do you guys think/believe?

The Top Ten

1 They need something from the human body/spirit

DNA? Semen? Females eggs? Blood? Tissue? Or maybe even our energy? - THC13

2 They're just observing us.

Just trippin out on us. Maybe even like visiting a zoo. Maybe that's why they don't make contact. You don't "contact" the animals when you visit the zoo. - THC13

3 They're taking/stealing natural resources.

Maybe Earth has a rare or valuable resource to them. - THC13

4 They're scared, worried, or angry about our nuclear weapons testing.

A lot of reports of UFOs around nuclear facilities and during nuclear weapons testing. Maybe nuclear weapons has a even greater effect or consequences then we know. - THC13

5 They created us.

Watching or checking in on their creations/experiment. - THC13

evidence? - codydoestuff

6 They're us from the future.

The time travelers theory. Possibly documenting lost history or trying to change history. - THC13

7 They're planning to enslave/conquer us.

According to some ancient civilizations, we were created as a slave race. - THC13

8 They're here to help or guide us.

We do not know what things from other planets look like.
We only have science fiction which is always monster appearance in the same ufo It's like we know it all.
Its wishful thinking, thinking we will see something.

Wishful thinking. Look around you. If this is their ideal of helping or guiding us, I don't want it. - THC13

9 For lunch! They're eating us!

How To Cook For Forty Humans. Space dust.

Not true; their handbook was recently translated into English: "To Serve Man".

10 They're falling angels banished to the pits of earth.

The religious perception or explanation for the UFO phenomena. That they're really Satan and his fallen angels. He was referred to as "The prince of the sky". - THC13

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