Top Ten Reasons All the Lists About Genders Should Stop

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1 It's sexist

We are all human, and these lists just show how stupid some of us can be... I feel ashamed to be a human sometimes. - Ninja_Potato123

This is why I hate gender. It's not a big deal, boys and girls! - PinkFloyd87

I'm a boy but I think that girls are better!

All those gender lists are sexist. - EpicJake

2 We were all created equal

Well said. Everyone of all ethnicities & Enders are EQUAL, it’s the law of the world. - TopTenTed

If God favored one gender over the other, why would he create two?

3 It's biased

The people who make these lists are just saying what they think a certain gender is like. It's ridiculous. No one should care what gender you are, what matters is the type of person you are. But some people are just so biased about one gender that is either borderline or full on sexism. - Elric-san

4 It's immature

I'd not be surprised if all my class made all that stuff.

5 Half the items on these list are false

The thing that annoyed me most since the crap started. Only lists against sexual bias have been justified in their arguments. - PositronWildhawk

Boys fart more? Girls are annoying? Those reasons are sexist and stereotypical. - Minecraftcrazy530

I hate those lists. - Therandom

Some of these items are stereotypes. - Delgia2k

6 Neither gender is perfect

Only God and jesus are perfect. - nintendofan126

Both genders are better at certain things

@Nintendofan smh, what if they don't believe in Christianity? - Swellow

You can still apply this, just knowing that no one here is perfect is good enough

7 You can't help what genitalia you were born with
8 It causes arguments
9 Who cares what gender you were born with?

Whether its boy, girl or transgender, it doesn't matter - Pegasister12

10 It's offensive

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11 It's rude
12 Most of our conceptions regarding gender are just social constructs conditioned into us

There are only two genders. You millenials are messing with pronouns because you have a good life and no issues and you only want attention. Pathetic generation.

13 It doesn't matter what your gender is
14 There are only two genders

exactly - Crizz

Correct. - Marxcute19

Sorry, but it’s the truth. - 3DG20

15 They are not politically correct

Point? I think that boys and girls should be treated fairly but not equally. (It's hard to explain.) I've never been one for political correctness anyhow. I agree that the lists about gender should stop though. - RiverClanRocks

In which case are they treated fairly but not equally? You mean like separating men and women in professional sports? - sofiav

16 It's creepy
17 Gender doesn't matter.
18 This is not the war of the sexes
19 Sexism was the cause to worldwide corruption
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