Top 10 Reasons the Alphamalg Shipping from Undertale is Just Plain Wrong

The Top Ten Reasons the Alphamalg Shipping from Undertale is Just Plain Wrong

1 In their current states, most of the Amalgamates have probably forgotten what true romance even is
2 The Amalgamates came from other people's families, most notably Snowdrake's Mother
3 Even by monster standards, it's a pretty extreme case of bestiality
4 Alphys is technically the scientific MOTHER of the Amalgamates, mind you
5 It's basically Alphys making love to her own housepets
6 Thinking realistically, there is simply no way that the Amalgamates could legitimately love the person responsible for their horrifically deformed states that much
7 It's just total fetish-fueled filth in its absolute purest form
8 It has pretty much ruined all of its subjects' images forever
9 Contrary to popular belief, Alphys does have standards
10 Alphys is already in several other relationships that are way better and less disturbing

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11 No offense to porn artists, but seriously, Undertale isn't supposed to be this dark and adult-oriented
12 Even the Genocide Run is less sad and disturbing by a long shot
13 The Amalgamates are horrifically fused-and-melted-together eldritch abominations of people
14 If Alphys didn't have anti-STD medicine, she would probably be dead within minutes
15 It heavily implies that Alphys feeds the Amalgamates with her own sexual fluids
16 Tentacle rape is depraved
17 The Amalgamates would never abuse their own mother so relentlessly
18 There's a certain thing called treating your children/pets with respect
19 Many of the Amalgamates' components are probably underaged
20 It's almost like the Undertale equivalent to the Shepard/Harbinger shipping from Mass Effect
21 It's responsible for the existence of quite possibly THE most disturbing fanfiction series of all time
22 The mere thought of fornicating with just ONE of the Amalgamates at a time is something Alphys would probably scoff at, let alone ALL FIVE OF THEM AT ONCE
23 The Amalgamates barely even possess the ability to speak
24 It's actively glorifying literally all of the worst things about Undertale shipping
25 What would Undyne think if she saw Alphys doing this?
26 What would the Amalgamates' former families think if she caught Alphys doing this?
27 Assuming that the Amalgamates even have fully formed sexual organs in the first place, I wouldn't want to go anywhere NEAR them
28 It's pretty much just pure fanservice, and definitely not the good kind
29 Alphys isn't a filthy disgusting psychopath, she just made a few mistakes here and there in her career
30 Alphys is many things, but probably not a filthy whore
31 Alphys is just way too cute to be involved in stuff like this
32 It should have been Gaster X Amalgamates instead
33 Sexualizing the Amalgamates in the first place is pretty much a one-way ticket to hell
34 Literally the only thing more disturbing than reading it is seeing what it actually looks like
35 I can understand why Alphys and Undyne have a lot of Rule 34 about them, sure, but this is pushing it quite a bit
36 Just think about all of the STDs that she could potentially spread to all of her friends
37 Reaper Bird's mouth should not be a vagina
38 Alphys' hentai fantasies are something that she should preferably keep to herself
39 It's probably the single grossest and most unsanitary thing that Alphys has ever done
40 Endogeny is literally a bunch of innocent puppy-dogs fused together, and in fact cannot speak
41 Snowdrake's Mother is Snowdrake's Father's wife
42 Lemon Bread is Shyren's sister
43 Just from LOOKING at these things, tell me; would you REALLY want to have sexual relations with them?
44 Just because Lemon Bread has a big mouth does not mean that we needed to have a fanfic where she eats Alphys and brutally tortures and rapes her inside of her stomach while masturbating to it
45 Again, Alphys isn't a villainess; she's an anti-heroine
46 Deepthroating Lemon Bread is probably a really bad idea if you ask me
47 Just because Snowdrake's Mother's eye-mouths are perfectly arranged for Alphys to breastfeed them does NOT make it okay
48 Let's be honest; deep down, the Amalgamates probably hate Alphys more than anything
49 Just imagining how the Amalgamates would engage in sexual relations with each other is already plenty disturbing enough as is
50 The Amalgamates were clearly designed to be scary as hell, not SEXY as hell
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