Top 10 Reasons Alphys is Adorable

The Top Ten

1 Her crush on Undyne
2 She's such a silly little dork
3 She's so sweet
4 Her former crush on Asgore
5 Her buck teeth
6 Her glasses
7 Her voice (presumably)
8 Her chubbiness
9 Her big pudgy tail
10 Her ability to form her hands precisely into the shapes of multiple-choice quiz answer letters

The Contenders

11 She's both the Luigi and the Yoshi of Undertale at the same time
12 She looks almost like something straight out of Barney And Friends
13 Her incredibly nice, lovably awkward and shy personality
14 Her big pudgy snout
15 Her Sonic quills
16 Her cute little feet
17 Her fashion sense (most notably the polka-dotted dress)
18 She blushes so much
19 She's the exact opposite of Undyne in almost literally every way
20 She's so hot
21 Her glasses literally have eyelashes
22 The Fishy Love song
23 She's such a tease
24 Her favorite anime is called Mew Mew Kissy Cutie
25 The way a lot of the Undertale fanwork (especially fanart) portrays her
26 Pretty much anything made by DongOverlord or Spurkeht
27 She treats the Amalgamates like her adorable little pets...while also looking like someone's adorable little pet herself
28 I want to keep her as a pet
29 She's a little baby dinosaur
30 Her shortness
31 Her rabid anime obsession
32 Her overworld sprite
33 Her theme song (at least, before it turns into Here We Are)
34 She owns a dog that's even bigger naked than Greater Dog is in its full suit of armor
35 She's super-duper ticklish
36 She's so smart
37 Her dorky, silly laugh
38 She's so awkward that she can even roleplay as herself
39 She's Mettaton's certified MILF
40 She's a sweet sexy nurse
42 Her facial expressions
43 Her pangolin-esque bodily posture
44 She literally tried to order pizza with the toppings arranged in the shape of an anime catgirl
45 Her cat obsession
46 Her incredibly chubby cheeks
47 Her reactions when Frisk answers the question "who does Alphys have a crush on?"
48 Her random, spastic, hyperactive, arm-flailing fits of anime ranting
49 She's totally in love with Mettaton but probably just refuses to admit it
50 The Watching You From Afar song
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