Top 10 Reasons Alphys is the Best Character In Undertale


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1 She has the Amalgamates as her pets
2 She's the cutest character in the game
3 She's the only character smart enough to not allow you to fight her in the Genocide Run
4 She has the most deeply disturbing and fleshed-out backstory of all the characters
5 She's the most realistic and relatable character in the game
6 She created Mettaton
7 She is practically a genderbent Francis from Super Paper Mario
8 She has the best fanart
9 She's a weeaboo with a big heart
10 She is able to live on literally nothing but instant noodles and soda

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11 The "Queen Alphys" ending
12 She created Flowey
13 She's the smartest character in the game
14 She has the best fanbase out of all of the characters
15 The True Lab Origins comic by lynxgriffin
16 She attempts to save everyone in the Genocide ending
17 She's the character most likely to masturbate to anime and fetish art
18 She's the cutest dinosaur since Yoshi
19 She's probably the most ticklish character in the game
20 Fan material often turns her into one of the funniest characters in the game
21 Despite the horrible things she's done, she's incredibly friendly and harmless; I just feel so bad for her that I want to snuggle with her
22 Her dating segment with you
23 The scene where Undyne throws her into a trash can and turns her into literal "anime trash"
24 She's a remarkably biting satire of what the game's actual fanbase is like
25 She has the cutest facial expressions
26 She's an evil scientist, yet also a good one at heart
27 She's like a female lizard version of Otacon from Metal Gear Solid
28 She's the hottest character in the game, despite the fact that she is easily mistaken for a dude at first glance
29 She's basically the Undertale equivalent to Dr. Andonuts' portrayal in Radiation's Halloween Hack
30 She has a lab within another lab
31 Her Tumblr posts
32 She has some of the best dialogue in the game
33 She's bisexual and sexy to boot
34 She's ironically one of the least stereotypical characters in the game at times
35 She makes the cutest Tsum Tsum out of all of the characters
36 She has a very special kind of character design that only a select few fanartists can actually get right
37 She's hot without being overly sexualized like Mettaton
38 She is so underrated in contrast to most of the other Undertale characters and deserves vastly more love overall
39 She was one of the few things about Undertale that just about lived up to the sheer amount of hype that was generated for the game
40 She's probably visually the best-designed character in the game apart from the Amalgamates and Omega Flowey
41 She has very few redeeming qualities, yet is so adorably cuddly and cute that it somehow makes up for it anyway
42 She's like a chubby, scaly little kitten
43 She's such a brilliant parody of the "mad scientist" and "bespectacled nerd" stereotypes in fiction
44 She's such an adorably pathetic little dork
45 If you squeeze her enough, she'll literally squeak like a squeaky toy
46 She has by far the greatest and most memorable plot twist out of all the characters
47 Mettaton even treats her as his mother figure, which is just oh-so-adorable
48 Small monster with a big heart
49 One of her theme songs contains the single best usage of the piano in the entire game
50 She sweats so much that you could easily fill an entire drinking cup with just her pure sweat
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1. She has the Amalgamates as her pets
2. She's the cutest character in the game
3. She's the only character smart enough to not allow you to fight her in the Genocide Run


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