Reasons the Amazing World of Gumball is Better Than Regular Show

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1 It's funnier

Okay! Now This Is The Item I'm Gonna Have To Agree With.

Gumball is way funnier and has stayed consistently funny

Both of them are equally good - BorisRule

I never watch Regular Show, so I wouldn't know.

2 It didn't go downhill

I can agree with this reason. A lot of shows went downhill after their 100th episode, but gumball is still going strong. For how much longer, though?

Yeah I practically grew out of regular show by 2014, while Gumball had me coming back for more. On that note regular show season 8 starts this year, and it will be there last season ever

When did regular show go downhill?

Actually Gumball is starting to go downhill. - nintendofan126

3 The writers spent more money on it therefore it had better things

This makes no sense. At all.

4 Better animation

Yeah! I'm Gonna Have To Agree With You On That One For Sure, Besides I Never Really Liked Regular Show's Animation Anyway.

Gumball is Brighter and More Colorful! People Call it Trippy,But I Was Watching TAWOG on DVD and I Thought:Wow,This is Like Blu-ray Quality...I <3 it!

5 Funnier jokes

The amazing world of gumball and regular show are both awesome shows

6 Better characters

The amazING world of gumball is a funny show

Honestly both shows would have tied if it weren't for the fact that I really hate Benson

7 It's not annoying

Actually, It Is Annoying, But It's Still Not As Annoying As Regular Show.

What?! Regular show isn't annoying at all! But gum ball is the most annoying dhow on the air!

8 Clarence is boring

This list is about Gumball is better than Regular Show but you talking about Clarence? IT DIDN'T MATCH - BorisRule

This is not Clarence, it's regular show

9 Gumball is less adult

Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball are hilarious shows

And how about Rigby :O and I like gumball too

10 No characters that do nothing

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11 No forced teen lingo
12 More creative art style
13 Better songs
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