Top Ten Reasons the Amazing Spider-Man Is Better Than the Original


The Top Ten

1 Emma Stone is a Goddess

The only good thing about the movie - Ale-Man

2 Romance is better

Yeah, Peter & Gwen had actual chemistry between them unlike in the original where Mary Jane just hopped from dude to dude, played the damsel in distress & was a total jerk to Peter.

3 Spider-Man is Funny
4 Spider-Man is Smart

In this movie he is the opposite - Ale-Man

5 No Emo Dancing
6 Better Action

Hey dumbo, action doesn't just have to have punching in it, it also has to have stunts, style and quality, and TASM has all of that

7 Better Web Slinging Scenes
8 Spider-Man Didn't Cry Every Five Seconds

Yes he did, he cried like 5 times only in the secodn movie - Ale9991

9 Home Made Web Shooters
10 Spider-Man Evolved As a Character

The Contenders

11 Better Use of Slo-Mo
12 It Didn't Recycle the Same Plot Three Times
13 Better Girlfriend
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