Top Reasons American Cartoons Are Better Than Anime

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41 Romance

Why does Anime always need some romantic story? Can't you just watch something casually and just laugh? I don't need no "emotional depth".

42 The Fanboys

I hate you fanboys, and even worse, you fangirls who's always "shipping" two male characters to show how "open minded" you are. And you see yourself as a mature fanbase, but no one is allowed to dislike Anime? And what is an Otaco?

43 Fan Art

I hate it when you take American cartoons and draw them in anime style. Mostly South Park, that ticks me off. It's not supposed to be a "cute" show. Also, stop shipping Cartman amd Kyle.

No,it's not the best thing unfortunately:adventure time is an American cartoon and some works of "art" on the internet reduce to you despair!

Sorry but fanart isn't the best thing about western animation...look at those adventure time fanworks on the net:some are good but some others are so mad that it's a true euphemism to call them dishonors!

Better fanart? I don't think so:the internet is full of dishonorable adventure time fanworks!

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