Top 10 Reasons The Angry Birds Movie is Better Than Norm of the North


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1 Red is better than Norm

Red would knock the crap out of him - VideoGamefan5

Yo, Videogamefan5! This item needs to be called "Much stronger characters", not just "Red is better than Norm".

The Angry Birds Movie is based off a real game and... Norm is based of a polar bear version of the twerking Lion King bootleg

2 Norm of the North sucks

It sucks so much norm of the north stinks - VideoGamefan5

I will go eat some rice. - PeeledBanana

SO WHY THE HELL IS NORM OF THE NORTH GOING TO GET SEQUELS?! *retches big time* - The Ulitmate Daredevil

3 The Angry Birds Movie looks new

It's so cool looking red looks awesome - VideoGamefan5

4 Slingshots are better than twerks

I agree big time norm of the north sucks - VideoGamefan5

5 Piggies theme is better than Shake it Off

Taylor Swift should be slaughtered for having a sisterly bond with Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande.

6 The Angry Birds Movie has effort

So much in comparison! Either way, this needs to be top 1! Also, I kinda Finding Dory even though I, Kieran Stark aka The Ultimate Daredevil respect your opinion, Videogamefan5.

7 Norm of the North is cheap
8 The Angry Birds Movie is more popular
9 Norm of the North is hated by a lot of people
10 The Angry Birds Movie has better visuals

It has much more diligence put into it. Please see ElectricDragon505's review of The Angry Birds Movie for proof, evne though he animation is rather decent.

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11 No annoying lemmings

I could always do without their existence, but the Lemmings were much weaker attempts of comedy than I sworn they would be. They look more handsome murdered.

12 The Angry Birds Movie has better animation
13 It Has a Stronger Soundtrack with Much Catchier, Less Babyish Instruments
14 Filler characters occur much more in Norm of the North than The Angry Birds Movie

If their not important they have to be funny like in angry birds movie

15 Norm of The North is Boring
16 The Angry Birds Movie is Funny While Norm of The North is Not
17 Omar Sy did a better job as the main character in French
18 No Bestiality
19 The character design is better
20 More Realistic
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