Top Ten Reasons Animal Jam is Better Than Fantage


The Top Ten

1 Animal Jam takes less time to load
2 Animal jam makes saying bad things blocked
3 Fantage sucks

This should b #1 - WitheredBonnie

Duh - mayamanga

This isn't really a reason on why fantage is bad.. but okay. - Transformers234

4 Animal Jam has toys that sell at WalMart
5 It's hard to get gold in Fantage whereas in animal jam it's quite easy to get diamonds
6 In Fantage pm's pay real money to get nothing except a little bit more advantage over things
7 Animal jam is educational
8 Animal jam is more safe
9 Animal jam membership gives you a huge variety of things to do
10 Fantage is a waste of time

The Contenders

11 Fantage's animation sucks

It tries to be all "tiny" and "cutesy" but fails horribly. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

12 There aren't inappropriate people in Animal Jam.

Fantage is so inappropriate for young people. Boys trying to to bad things with girls. ( You know what I mean.) It doesn't block bad messages. Fantage is just gross and disgusting, and 7 year olds that are on it are probably seeing people do nasty things on there. Not sure you'll see that in Animal jam.

13 You need a membership to do anything

This isn't just an exaggeration. When you first get the game they give you a couple of coins and show you around. Ok, totally normal. After you finish the tutorial, you can't go ANYWHERE or do ANYTHING. I remember I tried to go into an arcade, and a "Members Only" message popped up. Any other place you go to earn money, a "Members Only" message pops up.
They are basically forcing you to get a membership. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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