Great Characters


While both Anime and Cartoons have their Pros and Cons, Anime is more appealing to me, and here is why. Anime has interesting characters with an actual personality, the introductions and conclusions get you hooked into it, Anime has a better story, and Anime has better plots. While I do like some cartoons, to me, Anime is better. - EpicJake

People on both sides are going to kill me for saying this, but I think Video Game characters are better than BOTH anime and cartoon characters. Yeah, I said it. Kill me. The reason why I say is because I find the characters in video games to have a variety of traits that can make them better than the huge chest waifu or the fart joke only side character. Some video game characters can be more badass than characters like Ichigo from bleach or Kaneki from Tokyo Goul! They can show real emotions in the most amazing ways! And plus, I find characters like Juliet Starling, Faith, and Tiz Arrior to be more likable than Johnny Bravo, Naruto, Clarence or Kirito.

The reason why I'm bringing video games to this anime is better than cartoons thing is to tell ya'll that there can be better characters than the ones from your anime or cartoon, you'll find a new favorite character in a webcomic, a live action movie, a video game or a book if you try! Doesn't mean you can't have a anime ...more

It depends on what cartoon you're comparing to what anime. Most of these reasons work like that. Many cartoons have great characters, like anime. Basically, you can't say something like this because cartoons sometimes have those same characteristics.

I agree! Great characters are present in anime like Ciel, light, l, Sebastian, Haruhi, Kazuya, naruto, etc. I've watched only a few so I don't know however, this much characters were also enough to draw my attention.

First time I saw anime and I'm very happy

Not even cartoon characters like Johnny Test, Sanjay Patel, or Clarence are as great as Kirito from Sword Art Online. People may think Kirito as generic or bland, but that's an argument for another day. At least he and other anime characters are way better than the crappy cartoon characters that make you want to come into the T.V. and punch them in the face.

Oh yes. How can anyone forget Soul? - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

Anime characters are better then cartoon characters

Look, I like anime and cartoons equally, but you guys saying all cartoons suck clearly haven't watched the better ones. For instance, numerous adult cartoons, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Adventure Time and Over the Garden Wall, and cartoons pilots like Infinity Train and Obituary. I get really tired of people just stereotyping cartoons because they've seen one episode of SpongeBob or something. Also, don't harass someone because they like cartoons better, it's their opinion, geez.
Actually watch the good cartoons before you judge them all in general. - TheAlbinoWolf

American cartoon characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, Timmy Turner, Micky Mouse, Jake & Finn and Stewie Griffin all pail in comparison to such great anime characters like Goku, Erza Scarlette, Luffy, Naruto and Edward Elric. - egnomac

Way to compare comedic cartoon characters to dramatic serious anime characters. If your you're going to compare cartoons and anime at least compare shows of the same genre. Goku, Erza, Luffy, and Naruto all pail in comparison to Aang, Peter Parker, and Magneto. Edward Elric is the only character you mentioned who can compare to the ones I mentioned.

Bugs bunny and Daffy Duck really piss me off. Anime characters are great!

Unlike the unintelligent characters we find in most cartoons, we can actually like some of the characters in anime.

This doesn't really make them better teen titans had a team of likable characters and batman the animated series had a entire cast of awesome and great characters

Do you know how hard I'm laughing right now? All anime characters look the same: huge spiky oddly-coloured hair, tiny noses, big heads, big eyes, long legs, enormous posteriors and cleavage for girls and huge chests for boys. Come on. Not only do they look exactly the same, they act all the same too. There is no originality in anime, nor will there ever be.

The complexity of some characters like Lelouch or Sasuke can never be found in cartoons

I love both cartoons and anime but sometimes the fan service gets out of hand in anime

I like cartoons better. I just like to hear other peoples opinions

Anime is a great thing. Its like being in another world

The characters for American cartoons are a lot better. Example are Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Pinky and the Brain, and Donald Duck and Goofy. (To name a few)

I love anime! They're just so great.

You think that anime is better than Looney Tunes? Haha.

Anime characters are honeatly the best type of fictional characters.

First of all U make a post on why anime sucks an now U made this Otakus are ashamed everywhere

I agree with this but what about Clarence, Finn and Jake? - Kamrande

LOL! Clarence isn't even a great character to begin with! He is a retarded walrus! That's all he is! A retarded walrus! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I completely agree with TheYoshiPyro64. This list was just made by salty weeaboos that shove their opinions down our throats and horde body pillows in their basement. They hate anything created by European or American culture, because "White people are uncultured! 1! 1 Japan is betur! 1! " And you wanna know why I know that we're dealing with weeaboos? Look at all the dislikes towards TheYoshiPyro64. I've seen my fair share of western animation, and it isn't garbage. Yes, I watch modern SpongeBob and I enjoy it. Is that such animation bad thing? Western cartoons aren't shallow. If anything, all of your precious "Slice of Life" animes are shallow. So many stereotypical characters types in those ones.