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21 Characters You Can Actually Relate To

I can relate to Zuko from avatar and he's a cartoon character.

Avatar is heavily inspired by Japanese animation, which you can also see in the art style. A lot of people would even call it an anime just for that reason

Seriously, though, Avatar has everything named in this list, haha. - Maplestrip

I can relate to Asuna from Sword Art Online

I totally agree! Mother's Rosario demonstrates how Asuna can be relatable to others. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Have you seen Family based Cartoons? You can relate to anybody in there. You gotta have a messed up life if you can relate to anime characters.

Yes I can relate to Kirito from SAO because I win everything (Including a harem) by being edgy and saving girls.

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22 More Realistic

Take a look at The Amazing World Of Gumball

I've seen more realism in Parasyte -the maxim- than The Amazing World of Gumball.

Unrealistic? Go watch SpongeBob. However there's so much innuendo that it's not for kids. - Goatworlds

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23 Some Don't Go On Forever

Some western animated shows don't go on forever either. In fact, there are more longer rnning anime than there are western aniamtions. Most of them last for 52-65 episodes at least, only a few are actually long running.

The Simpsons ran for at least 26 years (Almost 600 episodes). SpongeBob for about 16 (Over 300 episodes, will be 17 in May). Adventure Time for 5 years (Will be 6 in April, more episodes than there are Kanto Pokemon) - Goatworlds

I wish Soul Eater has cause then it would be longer than Tenkai Knights. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

Yeah and Madoka would actually get a second season and the Kazumi Magica spin off. Also some movies. And It would be longer than Winx Club - MLPFan

Yeah because One Piece totally doesn't have 765 episodes, 3 OVAS, 8 T.V. specials and 12 movies.

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24 More Depth

Cartoon use to be really great but lets be honest the days of Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Hannah Barbara and Mel Blanc are long gone, cartoons toady have lost their appeal and are only getting worst just look at Uncle Grandpa, Phineas and Ferb, Fish hooks and Regular Show not exactly living up to such a great legacy not to mention that some cartoon characters have completely diminished over time.

I used to like cartoons. But the new ones like Breadwinners are awful. And most mainstream cartoons have terrible fandoms. That's why I moved to anime - MLPFan

Death Note lesson: Too much power and greed can lead you nowhere.

Why don't you quite being such a smart-ass. - egnomac

You mean like 3D?

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25 There's an Actual Plot

Anime have real plot's not a bunch of random things happening for no reason. - egnomac

You are wrong because I know you are saying American cartoons have a bunch of random things happening for no reason. But the truth is, your just a typical biased anime fan who hates on American cartoons just because they aren't animes

Just like how dc animated shows, marvel animated shows, avatar, gargoyles, prince valiant, thundercats (2011), danny phantom, he-man (2002) and more had actual plots.

Too bad the plots in anime aren't good and they keep repeating the same exact thing every episode. For example Pokemon. They don't change even one thing. It's either finding some trainer or going to some arena. The same thing happens at both events. - mrcoolface

You are always Pokemon this, and Pokemon that. Watch anime like Cowboy BeBop, Code Geass and Clannad AS, Anime where every episode is unique and something that any American cartoon can never live up to. - americancartoonssuck

Then we have Lucky Star - DatTCGPlayer

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26 Characters Change Outfits Every Episode

I haven't watched that much anime but I saw 2 anime series that changes clothes every episode. and in Gravity Falls, the only character who changes clothes is Mabel, I've seen a few characters in Clarence change clothes a few times, and some characters in Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Regular Show, etc. - MeaganSaysHI

Uh, last I checked most anime characters wear the same clothing all the time.

WHO CARES?! It can be the same for video game characters!

The only 2 anime series I've seen where they change outfits every episode were Cardcaptor Sakura and HeartCatch Precure. - PerfectImpulseX

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27 Better Voice Actors

The voice actors for anime can always change the way they sound in reality without computers. They have unique voices. They surprise you when you find out the voice of your favorite rowdy character is the same as voice to a sweet character because they can change the tone of their voice and it sounds real.

Hey guess what voice actors for American cartoons can also change the tone of their voice or come up with a different voice. Its not done with computers or anything. - YakkoWakkoDot

Most cartoon's voice acting are trying to hards. Anime ones, on the other hand have the ability to make them sound realistic and sounded way better - MLPFan

The voice actor quality are superior, rarely done any mistake and the differences between their voice acting in every show they participate is stand out.

That's the exact same thing with American cartoons. Anyway with Japanese anime, if it's not dubbed and if you don't know Japanese language, they are basically all saying the same thing. If it's dubbed its always dubbed badly and the voice acting usually sounds cheesy.

Anime can also have bad voice actors, both subbed and dubbed. You just have to look.

Same can be said to Cartoons.

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28 Life Lessons

Especially in slice of life types of anime, and realistic anime that take place in highschool or throughout the characters life, anime always gives you a moral or a lesson that is taught in the anime. Even when it's a fighting type of anime, or is a fantasy anime or sci-fi, there is always a deep meaning behind the depth of the story and the characters background.

Anime teaches you things that you don't get taught in the real world, they teach you to fight for yourself, to live for your friends, to not fear because fear itself is not real and anime makes you who you are right now.

29 The Anti-Heroes

Cartoons talk about heroes and heroes and heroes. Heroes are great! Yay! My ass!

Anime has plenty of loveable heroes too, let's get the name of Saitama from One-Punch Man. Heroes are loveable in animes well as the anti-heroes like Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass, Light Yagami from Death Note and many more. Are they not popular? In MAL, the most favorite character to rank the first place is an anti hero. Now a question, can a cartoon stand this?

GoatWorlds They're not really anti heroes, most anti are who try to save the world by killing millions

There are anti heroes in cartoons. Squidward Tentacles, Benson (Regular Show) and Mr. Burns. - Goatworlds

30 Helps Viewers Escape Reality

I'm sick and tired of all these biased cartoon fan-boys trying to force the idea that cartoons are better than anime because there not Anime has more meaning in them and don't rely on stupid jokes & gags I personally hate cartoons and I don't care what you or any of these rejects think because quite frankly I don't give a F/ all of your reasons for hating anime is crap.

Yes because avatar, young justice, and gargoyles don't have meaning to them and are nothing but gags and jokes. You're busy complaining about anime haters when you're hating on cartoons? Biased anime fanboy.

In American cartoons, I could never escape my reality. Anime has helped me escape.

I guess that's good in a sense, but also worrying, you don't want anime to interfere with your life too much otherwise it may change your expectations in reality. - Pindini

Not only can this be said for cartoons, but basically any type of media that is fiction can help people escape from reality. I have friends who do this with video games when they are in hard times. Escaping from reality does not only apply to anime.

It really does. Watching Naruto, I imagine being from one of the Hidden Villages. Watching SAO, I feel like a player in Aincrad. It's a great outlet for a bad day.

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31 Characters Actually Age

Its not really that important but it does annoy me that certain characters haven't aged at all The Simpons have been on the air for over 20 seasons yet Bart and Lisa are still in grade school don't you think by now that they would be in college by now will at least Lisa.

Just like how Ash is still 10 years old even though Pokemon anime started way back in the 90s. It's called a standing timeline dude, many anime and cartoons have them.

Your stupid for even answering it was a rhetorical question one that people already know the answer or don't really care. - ZZDOORAL

Goku is 12 at the end of Dragon Ball and he's 45 at the end of DBZ. - Goku02

Pokémon isn't really an anime, IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE THE ASPECT OF ANIME

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32 Cuter Characters

Anime looks weird

No. For most of the time anime characters had more human features than cartoons. In cartoons the characters are either as chubby as a meatball or as thin as a stick - MLPFan

So true, the only cute things I see is ppg, everything else is not cute, anime has cuter characters that make you aww.

33 Anime Characters Express Their Feelings Better

In anime when a character is in despair or is sad it is often better than in American cartoons. An example is when anime characters feel pain or sorrow they scream out in pain somewhat a real scream but in American cartoons I hear " IT HURTS" or "DOH" which isn't very appealing to me at least.

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34 Facial Expressions are Shown
35 Bigger Fights
36 It Isn't Childish

Hey kids, watch Deadman Wonderland! The most childish anime that every kid will love! Wait till they actually see it...

There are people saying "anime is for kids" they obviously haven't even watched anime. Try it before you say that you hate it.

Same With American Cartoons like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe and every adult swim cartoon

The only reason Anime isn't for kids is the violence. Anime has cheesy dialogue, and explains as if the characters were teachers and you're a 3 year old.

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37 Not As Predictable

Anime is full of surprises for instance some character can die some good guys become bad guys and bad guys become good guys. - egnomac

None of those things are surprising. They have been done in anime so much that they are now cliches. When a new anime comes along, I see a bunch of people assuming that this guy will turn good, or this character is going to die. Death flags and side changing are two of anime's biggest predictable cliches.

There are a LOT of shocking moments in anime. Some will make you cry.

Anime: Same type of comedy, same type of "suprises" and etc.

38 Diverse Storylines

Anime: Follows one story
Cartoons: endless adventure

39 More Popular

Something being more popular doesn't mean it's better.

Hey there, anime hater who always gets 11 dislikes, go back and watch caillou

Maybe in Japan - bobbythebrony

See: splatfests

40 Pretentious Fans
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