Top 10 Reasons Anime is Better Than American Cartoons


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61 Great Background Music

Animes really have awesome background music. Some episode in Naruto and one piece really makes me cry. Where Cartoon doesn't concern with such things.

Cartoons have way better songs

Since when is a song about waffles better than something like Sis Puella Magica? - MLPFan

62 Better backgrounds

Like anime that is so sad fruit basket all their background are sad but you understand

Okay, I guess, if you even pay attention to the background

63 More Emotional Depth

More idiots crying for stupid reasons

64 Cruddy Animations

You are sadly mistaken if you think the animation sucks in anime. Compare Adventure Time, Sanjay and Craig, and Breadwinners with Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, and Parasyte -the maxim-, and you'll know anime has better animation. At least those anime series make many of their characters distinguishable.

I mean I don't know witch animation is better if its 2005 cartoons wins but in 2010 I guess anime because I have notice in cartoons it constantly drops frames a lot and gets slower - sadfag

The animations suck! All anime characters look the same!

65 Bad Fight Scenes

Some 10 year old kid with some dagger called barishinoto or whatever jumps up and does a 360 spin and a backflip then jumps in mid air and stabs someone in the back. things like that suck. And swordart, really? Sooo bad. I guess most people who watch this are "GAMERS" really, or whatever they call themselves making a dirt house on Minecraft. Oh yeah, don't forget to listen to some mindless dubstep as well.

66 Most Cartoons are Run-Of-The-Mills on the Genre

Winx club? Generic
Transformers(the cartoon ones.not the movie versions since the cinematic versions were good)? Generic
Sanjay and Craig? Generic
90% new american cartoons are generic run of the mills. Animes may have run of the mills, But there are great animes that aren't generic like Madoka Magica or Neon Genesis. I prefer those type of shows over generic ones any day! - MLPFan

Well anime has been doing the run in the mill for only the decade so far but western cartoons have been doing it foe years - sadfag

67 No Shameful WWE Crossovers
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