Top Ten Reasons Anime Should Get More Respect

My reasons why anime should get more respect. Keep in mind that I am not saying it is better than every other cartoon out there, but we can all agree that it is better than some cartoons.

The Top Ten Reasons Anime Should Get More Respect

1 The stories are deep and full of meaning

I wish I could agree with everything

2 The art is great
3 The characters have a lot of depth
4 There is an anime for everyone

There are comedies, action-adventures, mysteries, etc. - Dawscr

5 They can take your mind of stressful things
6 There is a lot of thought put into them
7 They are for a wide range of audiences
8 The episodes can be short and seasons can be long

I like short episodes in T.V. series. It is easier to take in information in 20 minute sections. - Dawscr

9 The music is great
10 They can make a good series and conclude it in one season

The Contenders

11 It helped Influence Western Animation

It actually went, and still does go, both ways, but still

Without anime we wouldn't have had such amazing western animation cartoons like: Avatar the Last Aribender, Samurai Jack, Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time, Steven Unversed the list goes on. - egnomac

12 It comes in a variety of genres
13 The characters have big eyes

Best reason. - Brobusky

14 The stories are original
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