My Story On TheTopTens

I was a very curious person that visited many sites, some sites were very cool, but not as cool as this one. One day I found this website while searching up websites that, and I really kept exploring it and found it very interesting, there is a million lists that are awesome. From users to lists, this website was too interesting, and the most welcoming out of all websites I have been to. I got to add items and comment for free without having to sign in unlike most websites, I as a visitor kept coming everyday to put comments of items that interested me on really good lists. And these lists are actually better than any other lists I have seen. But something that once got into me really changed my life here on TheTopTens, something that I will never forget-the day I met TwilightKitsune.

I was thinking about Spitfire being better than Rainbow Dash, then I searched the list up, and it was actually real, and I was very proud of that. Then I saw Twilight Kitsune's comments and they were so agreeable and I really agreed on them, then I asked her if we could be buddies despite the fact that I was a visitor and she was a user. We kept talking about how Rainbow Dash sucks, and even gave her ideas for a new list, and she always knew who I am, I was a Dash hater. I told her my name on one list and by saying that "I am the same girl from this list", she knew it was me. And then Rainbow Dash fans kept bullying TwilightKitsune and other Dash haters, including me, I kept defending her from those bullies, as well as MLPFan. MLPFan, TwilightKitsune, and I were fighting for what we believed in, try to stop the bullying, and kept on hating Dash, and we eventually became a trio. I call this time the "Rainbow Dash Fans Vs. Rainbow Dash Haters War". TwilightKitsune was getting bullied more and more by Dash fans, and MLPFan and I kept defending her even more, they were very mean and they even wished us death for hating Dash. I overall used to be a pretty immature visitor who said some bad things because of this, but I later matured a bit more.

But then later in late spring, this year in 2016, the war stopped, RD fans stopped bullying TwilightKitsune and I felt much better when that was over. TwilightKitsune began making lists that were not about RD and MLPFan and I were really having fun with those lists, and I kept visiting TwilightKitsune's lists everyday. Later, I eventually gave myself a name as a visitor so users can distinguash me better, which is AnimeDrawer85, at every single comment I made. That is when other users, other than MLPFan and Twilight Kitsune began to know me better since I kept commenting and visiting TK's lists. I used this name for about a month until I made an account, which is a day I will always remember in my life. I first made an account called AnimeDrawer85, but since it failed and I did not know how to login back into my account, I made another account which is this one, AnimeDrawer, and I finally learned how to login back into my account. With the help of users like TwilightKitsune and others, I learned to use the controls better. I had so much fun chatting and getting to know other users here in this site with messaging, and I really like to make awesome lists of my own creation and contributing. Posts are very fun too, and even better, because you get to make it whatever you want.

I found a list that used to upset me which was called "Reasons To Hate Buttercup From The Original Powerpuff Girls" and that is where I met Neonco31 and became friends because we both disagreed with that list. Now, the creator of that list RB-Number1-fan and I get along really well. I met tons of awesome users along the way like MiketheHuman, Nateawesomeness, PositronWildhawk, LightningBlade, ArigatoKawaii, Neonco31, micahisthebest, PeachyBlast, AnonymousChick, eventer51314, and RB-Number1-fan, but MLPFan and TwilightKitsune are still my buds. I also met a visitor named ChatNoirFan18 who always commented on my lists and hates and likes what I like and hate. She also is against bullying TwilightKitsune and is a visitor that really liked my lists, and we became buds. Later, she got an account, now she is a user and really awesome, I am proud of being her first friend. Now I met DeadlyBeauty who is really fun to chat with on messages. I am really proud of being here and contribing to this awesone site. I hope you enjoyed this story to all of those reading this!


Awh, you are one of the greatest Female users I have known since BlueFrost, Britgirl, Kitsune and kontrahinsunu. - ArigatoKawaii

Thank you very much, that is awesome! - visitor

RD fans, ugh! But that's a cool story! - visitor

Yes! I agree! Those fans were really mean. - visitor

Awesome post. You're a good user in my books, AnimeDrawer. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You came back ModernSpongebobSucks! - visitor

Awesome! you are a good user! - visitor

Thanks ChatNoirFan18! You are too! - visitor

Your story is awesome! It was fun reading it ^_^ - visitor

Thanks, and I thought someone would find it boring. - visitor

I told you the contrary. Believe ^_^ - visitor

It's awesome and it's like a documentary of your life - Neonco31

You mean my life on TheTopTens, also, I like to invent stories. - visitor

Interesting! - visitor

Thanks! And it is really nice to meet you! - visitor

Nice story - epictoonsfan1

Thanks! I worked hard on it. - visitor

Your'e awesome AD! - TwilightKitsune

Thanks dude! - visitor

I just read all of this and it's great! Your a really good user! Nice story too. - micahisthebest

Thanks dude! - visitor

Awesome. - visitor

I never knew this story would become that popular. - visitor

Amazing story! And thank you for helping us In all those times 😊 - MLPFan

I bet that Rainbow Dash fan feels like a bitch. What happened to him anyway? - visitor

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Cool backstory. - Ultron123

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