Top Ten Reasons Ariana Grande is Overrated

Ariana Grande, The international pop sensation, is she overrated?

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1 Her Singing Technique is bad. Her Singing Technique is bad.

Isn't ariana grande more of a deadpool meme than an actually appreciated singer? (Sorry if I'm wrong, I don't know a thing about celebrities.) - Brazencoronet17

She is a light soprano. She can belt naturally! It is in her natural range! Diction sucks, breath control is probably non-existent and her overall breath support is bad. - Lironyaron

Disagree she’s a great singer but there are better singers out there

She is overrated. John Mayer is way way way way way way way way way way way way way way better than her and he's EXTREMELY underrated. Bill Cipher must do something about her in Weirdmaggeddon. (Go to my profile and see my most recent comment- besides this one- to see/decipher what I mean). - Anonymousxcxc

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2 Her Performances are Boring and Stage Presence is Hard to Watch. Her Performances are Boring and Stage Presence is Hard to Watch.

Majority of reviews about her tour were saying that she turned her back too much to the crowd and that her dancing was very not energized and repeating itself. - Lironyaron

She has zero stage presence and looks uncomfortable on the stage.

Ariana Grande Performances are not boing and I hate to say this but you guys are just stupid if you think Ariana grande is dumb and rude but for all those haters out there stop it but get some help

3 She's won "The Artist of The Year" but, where is the music she composed/produced? She's won

That's very true - 23MACCAja

She is a robot with zero talent, just a trashy little body to strut and shake

Lol the picture

Up close shes ugly

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4 Her live singing is average.

She's going off-key and she an be very pitchy at times, making her NOT "The Best Vocalist" of this generation of pop, mainstream singers. - Lironyaron

No it’s not. I bet she sings better than you guys

Does Ariana lip sing

5 Her music is so generic!

Don't hate on me it's just my opinion but her music is boring and it sounds the same.

All her songs are such generic pop songs and it's only getting worse. You're supposed to grow as an artist not go backwards. This dangerous woman album is gonna suck. Can't wait to review it and criticize the heck out of it lol. - NicoleJohnnyLutherBrianFan

Ummm excuse me, is the “best vocalist of all time” supposed to not write any of her songs, not even mentioning how mediocre they are?

Let me tell you something Ariana grande is sweet I am one of her biggest fans

6 Her songs can be called "Belting" since it's the only thing done. Her songs can be called

LOL. Selena Gomez does the same thing.

7 She can be air-headed at times.

She deserves to be heavily criticized for being ditzy. I liked the video "Fifth Harmony Sucks" which is too underrated because people defend the cruel incidents they did such as physically torture men, which Bart Baker and his friends have proven. "Fifth Harmony is the girl version of One Direction" has also been done by Bart Baker and his YouTube pals. Whoever made this video whereas he says that if he/she thinks that Fifth Harmony is great, then he/she thinks that Ariana Grande is a decent singer. I really don't like Ariana Grande's facial expression in this video. I wish Ariana Grande got beat up by Nat Wolff.

Watching her interviews is depressing, very deeply you can say quite frankly. People call her a sweet person due to her character "Cat" in a Nickelodeon show back in 2010 even though she had proved herself quite a few times. - Lironyaron

Sort of

8 People Call Her "The New Mariah Carey" People Call Her

Maria Carey has got a five octave range and almost perfect pitch while Ariana Grande is just out there with this completely ordinary voice. She is NOT the new Mariah Carey. No one is - especially not Ariana Grande.

How can compare her to Mariah? She doesn't even come close.

During yours truly she was a big mimi copycat

This one explains itself. She obviously isn't. (Look at back reasons) - Lironyaron

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9 Ariana is pretty, which was the thing that made her popular beforehand. Ariana is pretty, which was the thing that made her popular beforehand.

So now you're hating on her because she's pretty and likes to wear makeup. what? Sounds like you're jealous. Screw you for hating on someone because she likes to express herself by what she wears. It's not like the wears bikinis all the time

*rolls eyes constantly*

She has a great body and tan. Her talent is her body and willing to show her skin. She will probably get topless or nude in near future. - boce

Uh she got a body of a little 12 year old boy, she does it even have a boobs at all, her make up is gross she look like someone threw a big birthday cake at her face, in she is so far out of being pretty, people said that so people can like her more then any stars that are a beauty queen compare to this slut air head.

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10 She can't sing climaxes of certain songs she chose to cover. She can't sing climaxes of certain songs she chose to cover.

She seems like Nat Wolff beat her up (big time) for being Mexican. SCREW OFF, NICKELODEON!


I can never believe you guys you guys are so mean and lame

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11 She is 22 years old, but still dresses and acts like she is 12.

Snooze button boring

She is rude she wished death upon her fans and it looks like she wears diapers

I put this here because Ariana Grande is a lot like Modern Amy Rose. That's how overrated/mediocre they are.

12 Ariana is a queen

This girl rules the world out of all the females singers.

Definitely! This gal rules the world of music! I don't care what the haters say, she's just really talented and pretty and AWESOME! AG all the way!


She's so talented and beautiful whatever the haters say

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13 She's not an A-list singer

I don't have to agree that no other singer is better than Ariana Grande. Actually, Ariana Grande is one of my most hated celebrities of all time. If I get more dislikes than likes for saying that it is false that no other singer is better than Ariana Grande, I will be too furious. I hate Ariana Grande because she is so girly, can't sing/sounds like she is loudly accusing people in comparison and the Arianators (Jared Milton, anyone? ).

Her voice is dull even though it had shown before a beautiful, resonant sound. She's at least a B-list singer. Putting her in an A-list singer just overrates her. - Lironyaron

14 She licks donuts and puts them back on the store tray She licks donuts and puts them back on the store tray

Lol wut an idiot - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

15 All her songs sound the same
16 She sounds like a dying whale when she sings

She has a beautiful voice

She likes being inept. She better not force people to love Hotel Transylvania. I will beat her up.


17 She hates people that don't like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus

When I said "Bitch", I meant "Ariana Grande Butera". - The Ultimate Daredevil, who wishes Ariana Grande were dead for disrespecting negative opinions on certain musicians on the modern era


18 She is very rude to almost everyone

She deserves to spend the rest of her life alone and single without any boyfriends ever.

Personally, judging from the actual video tapes taken during her social outings, Ariana is nothing more than a selfish child who believes everything’s about her. Granted, she might care about her boyfriend, but how many boyfriends has she had now? Four? Anyway, to continue, throughout her performances, she lacks subtlety as a singer, and most of her songs seem to pertain to how wonderful her intergity is. In “God is a Woman,” she seems to emphasize how powerful she can be, but ignores everyone else throughout the ordeal of the song. In addition, it’s obvious from her characteristics that she’s insatiably contradicting, saying “I hate America” although everything she has was because of American preference. If you hate America Ariana, how about throwing everything away and laboring like the lower class does everyday just to keep alive. Seriously, for someone who originally came from Mexican descent, it’s pretty disappointing how easily Ariana managed to become corrupted ...more

Please watch some videos on how kind she is. The donut incident was years ago and she has matured so much. - HeyItzGrace

19 She looks like a child

This one is stupid it's not her fault besides her looks have changed

20 Copies Queen Carey
21 She got famous from nickelodeon - being cat valentine

Yeah... not really. She has romance like a teenage girl, like Selena Gomez. If I see Nat Wolff and Nick Merico have a dogfight over Ariana Grande's heart, I will slaughter myself.

She got famous from this, but I'm happy for her u go Ari! She is growing up :) whoop whoop

22 She just must get her right side!

She always must get her right side! She actually forced another celebrity to move out of the way just so she could get her right side in television. Just trust me search her up and you'll find her face us always facing the same side!

23 Mariah Carey is Her Inspiration

So what?

24 She is just a typical generic modern pop star

Her music is nothing special all the same

Her vocals, sans autotune, are average at best.

Her songs are insipid, and that is being generous.

Her stage presence would be in the lower percentile of American Idol Top 24 Week.

25 Her songs have stupid messages.

Overrated hag.

26 She sounds like Selena Gomez

I never laughed so hard in my entire life...Ariana Sounds so different than Selena...Selena can't sing and only whispers and lip sync while Ariana never lip sync and can really sing and is one of the best singer ever - Nandani

They sound COMPLETELY different. You should get your ears checked. Their techniques are very different and there styles are not alike at all.

27 She is obsessed with sex

Just too many of her songs are sex-related and her comment about her ex-fiancés dick size are just too annoying. Don’t get me started on the dick stain shirt on the Sweetner Tour. Please, just don’t.

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1. Her live singing is average.
2. Her Performances are Boring and Stage Presence is Hard to Watch.
3. Her music is so generic!
1. Her Singing Technique is bad.
2. Her Performances are Boring and Stage Presence is Hard to Watch.
3. People Call Her "The New Mariah Carey"


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