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1 People call Arthur the best show ever

This Isn't Really The Best Show Ever Or Anything Like That, And Neither Is Regular Show.

Those who claim that Arthur is the best show ever are liars. Therefore, they should get the hell off of here and never return.

Regular Show is the best show ever - EpicJake

I always thought Arthur was overrated too.

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2 People say Arthur is the longest running show ever

Sesame Street was made in 1969. So Sesame Street was made 27 years before Arthur. Haha - EpicJake

Just because Sesame Street was a longer running show than Arthur does not mean that it's better!

Oh, so this means Barney the Dinosaur is better? Someone remove this from the list because Barney the Dinosaur is an idiot.

Seaseme Street was made in November of 1969. Mister Rogers was made in 1968. Arthur was made in 1996. Seaseme Street and Muster Rogers are better than Arthur.

3 The characters argue way too much and people still call Arthur a good show

They also get consequences for arguing.

He's such a brat

4 The theme song sounds stupid

You can't judge a show by it's theme song.

Nice Try. But It's Gonna Take More Than A Stupid Theme Song To Make The Whole Show Overrated.

The only part I don't like is that its more appropriate for 2 year olds instead of 20 year olds.

It's at least better than the Caillou theme song. - anonygirl

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5 No one can make a TV show about 8-year-olds without someone saying that it's copying Arthur
6 Arthur is boring

No, it isn't. Instead, it's worse than boring. Specifically, it's mostly offensive because of its inappropriate content. Honestly, what's up with its parodies? Does Marc Brown think that they make his series more interesting. If so, he's sadly mistaken.

Well, this is going to be fun. - PetSounds

Arthur is SO boring - EpicJake

It's not boring that's just your guys opinion.

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7 Wild Kratts is always the second best on PBS kids and Arthur always comes first

I believe you the whole way, SevenLizards. Praise to you for favoring Wild Kratts over Arthur. At least, it's more mature in terms of content. Plus, its protagonists aren't kids whereas the ones of Arthur are. Besides, they're old enough to behave better and be smarter.

What Arthur most does nowadays is try to hard to be funny and interesting. And that's what makes it obnoxious mostly due to its pathetic parodies. I just wish Marc Brown would cancel that dang show of his. After all, WK (Wild Kratts) will always reign supreme over Arthur for any day.

Wild Kratts for the win, suckers!

8 Arthur shows up the most on PBS commercials
9 D.W is the devil's daughter and people still call Arthur a good show

If you ask me, D.W. is stuck-up, annoying, and she's nothing more than a horrible little brat! All she does is annoy people like Arthur and she says stuff that doesn't make sense at all because of how she's young and not that smart. Would it kill her to shut up for once!?!?! Honestly she's as bad as some the other kid characters in that show!

Makes Caillou seem like a good, well-behaved 4 year old.

She's even worse than Caillou

Teen titans go is better

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10 PBS kids always has loud music on Arthur commercials

Why would you cancel a good show like Mister Rogers or Cyberchase instead of a bad show like Arthur.

Arthur is not a bad show its educational and its great for children to learn. Plus you learn hard lessons from this show so you don't do poor decisions.

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11 DW Is An Idiot

She represents everything wrong with younger siblings, and it's self-explanatory!

She is so retarded and she needs to be slapped in the face

Or better yet, she needs to get hair shaved bald like Caillou

Only Bad Thing About The Show To Be Honest - JPK

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12 It's too boring for little kids

It's not boring for little kids that's your guys opinion of what you think about this show, and this was a great show.

Boring? Ha! It's worse than that.

Whoops not hrs let me correct it yrs

Really my 3 and 5 hr old cousins find this show extremely boring and they have a long attention span too so don't say they have a short attention span and how old r u if u like this show geez

13 It's for babies

Oh please! None of those shows are for babies because they have mature content in them. But Sesame Street is much better than due to its having more variety inspiration, although not as much as it did in the past, whereas Arthur has less depth and most of its content is pathetic.

No it is not for babies it's for everyone anyone can watch this show no matter how old you are it's for anyone.

It's actually for kids ages 4-8,just saying - hogwartsjedi

Sesame Street is for babies, too.

14 It teaches kids to argue. V 1 Comment
15 It teaches kids to hit people


16 Francine is a bully

For example when Arthur got glasses she said "arthur's a four eyes, arthur's a four eyes, arthur's a four eyes

Francine isn't just a bully at times, she's an inconsiderate hypocrite who insults and hurts others whether they have glasses or loose teeth. What an idiot she is.

Sometimes - JPK

17 Arthur's parents are retarded
18 It teaches kids to barge in when someone is in the bathroom
19 The characters are ugly
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1. People call Arthur the best show ever
2. The characters argue way too much and people still call Arthur a good show
3. Arthur shows up the most on PBS commercials
1. People call Arthur the best show ever
2. People say Arthur is the longest running show ever
3. Arthur is boring



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