Top 10 Reasons Ash Should End with Misty Instead of Serena


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1 She and Ash Have Better Chemistry She and Ash Have Better Chemistry

I think their relation is really great and more real.
- Ok, sometimes she is not cool with ash, but : she's ten, Ash was really dumb at this time, sometimes she wanted Ash attention too. PLUS he wasn't really gentle with her every time...
- they like to tease each other
- If she had the same evolution as Ash had, she probably won't be so much like that.
- She was really really sweet and awesome lot of time too, and not only towards Ash.
- When Ash get trouble, she knew what to do and always protected him.
- She became jealous sometime
- When they battle together or one againt the other, it's always a good moment.
- She teached a lot of thing to Ash.
- They keep appreciate each other event if they sometimes they quarrel.

And the fact is that we can take every of these points, and say that Ash felt/made the same towards Misty.

I think being friends, lovers and rivals as the same time is the better chemistry that a couple could find. In my life, I ...more

They seem more of a brother-sister relationship. Ash is too young for girls. Let him enjoy his life. Pokemon is about fun, not romance. - yungstirjoey666

Ash is meant for misty not for other foolish girls like Serena and dawn.

Misty has more titties then Serena.

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2 She's Saved Ash Life She's Saved Ash Life

I kind of like movie! pokeshipping as Misty seems less temperamental in general & has a lot of cute moments in them. But yea Serena is so stupid & useless she put everyone in danger just to save her pretty face! Great job! - person5000

Misty saved Ash from almost drowing in Pokemon 2000, in the same situation Serena would be just as usless as Aquaman on land. - egnomac

3 She Was Ash's Longest Female Companion She Was Ash's Longest Female Companion

Misty stayed with Ash all the way from Kanto, The Orange Islands and Johto and returns several times she even shows up at Ash's house when he returned from Hoenn. - egnomac

That was only the case because kris/crystal didn’t exist till crystal version (when they had a lot of Johto episodes made), & there wasn’t a young enough gym leader female to travel with ash in Johto...

4 She Was the First to Travel with Ash She Was the First to Travel with Ash

Not a boreshipper (amourshipper), but this is as stupid as when boreshippers say Serena should end up with ash, because Serena is the first girl ash knew. Bad item, & awful #1

5 She Always Calls Ash Out Whenever He Does Something Stupid She Always Calls Ash Out Whenever He Does Something Stupid

Seems a bit abusive. I guess he does deserve it sometimes (except I don't see any reason why it's a good idea for Misty to hit Ash with a log just because he ruined her daydream), but mostly I would consider the two more of a sibling relationship, although I could care less who he ends up with, because in the end, it's the Pokemon Company's choice. - yungstirjoey666

Which is something Serena rarely ever does. - egnomac

6 She's the Strongest Out of All of Ash's Female Companions

Nah may or dawn are stronger

If by 'strongest' u mean she can kick the other pikegirl's butts without her Pokemon... then I can see that more than she has stronger Pokemon (though I think Iris is pretty strong too she took on a Pokemon with her bare hands & constantly swings on vines, having to continuously have her arms hold her weight).

Like hell they are, Misys stronger than both of them. - egnomac

Well I’m not sure whether Misty is stronger than other pokegirls
But Serena is definitely the weakest.

Pancham + Sylveon + Braixen (Only 3) Never Battles

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7 She Became Really Jealous When Other Girls Got Too Close to Ash She Became Really Jealous When Other Girls Got Too Close to Ash

Actually serena gets extremely jealous too. See tried to force ash not to go with that teacher due to it. Anyways, jealousy is a horrible foundation to base a relationship on, anyways.

At one point she got so jealous when Macy got to close to Ash and threw her arm right between them, while in XY Serena mostly just stands there in shock doing nothing. - egnomac


@yungstirjoey666: I agree. I don’t like both (though like Misty a lot more than Serena) but if I was a straight guy, Serenas jealousy seemed a lot more tolerable than misty’s... the original director said that ash & Misty where always destined to be friends, so would it be right to say jealousy?

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8 She's a Gym Leader

I think the same she is better than that so called Serena

I hope Serena will end up with Clemont

Actually, this hurts Misty’s chance with ash. She has to stay close by the gym for challengers. But ash is a guy who likes to meet new Pokemon, travel, take on new challenges, & can’t stay in one place. So their relationship can’t work out.

However, Serena faces the same problem. Her goal is to be KALOS queen. So she has to mainly focus in kalos, & if she becomes queen, she has to stay their to promote, keep popularity in kalos, & defend her title. So unless Misty quits being a gym leader or Serena gives up her goal (which would make what her mom said true so she shouldn’t do that), then a relationship with ash won’t work.

9 She Gave Up Staying with Rudy to Continue Traveling with Ash She Gave Up Staying with Rudy to Continue Traveling with Ash

This is a good item anyone who says other wise has no idea what their talking about.

Rudy was completly in love with Misty but he asks her to stay with him she becomes conflicted but makes her choice pretty clear when she cheers against Rudy for Ash and Rudy clearly says "She Wants Him" then trys to hint to Ash by telling him his a very lucky guy. - egnomac

This isn't a good item at all. You're basically saying Misty had some conflicting feelings for someone else sometime & almost thought about leaving ash to be with another guy.

And the big problem with that, is Serena never crushed on another guy or had any thoughts about staying with anyone else during her journey with ash. Not an amourshipper by any means, but this item isn't helpful to what your saying at all

10 She Didn't Become a Trainer Just to Travel with Ash

As much as I like Serena the whole reason she even became a trainer and went on her journey in the first place was to see Ash again hoping that he'll remember her and instantly fall for her only to be extremely disappointed to find out he didn't even remember her not a great sign, while Misty who was already a trainer when she first meet Ash and traveled with him after he accidently destroyed her bike which she tells him the reason she follows him is so he'll repay her for her bike which he never does but in actuality she really wanted to travel with him. - egnomac

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? Misty Can Really Help Ash to Become a Better Trainer

Serena doesn’t really what Ash wants and she can’t help him to pursue his goal

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11 Ash's Showed More Affection Towards Misty Than Serena

I don't like Misty, but I hate Serena more
Misty is better that Serena all the way

I like Serena
But Misty is my favorite Pokegirl no one can replace her

If Amourshipping is canon
Ash might feel like he missed Serena in Alola
But no.

I think Ash definitely think Misty is better than Serena

12 Celebi Showed Up When Misty Kissed Him

When Celebi appears, it means there will be a bright future. He appeared right at that moment. That's PROOF that Misty is Ash's true love.

Not canon - yungstirjoey666

I want misty to marry ash

A. Misty never kissed ash, not even on the cheek.

B. Even if that bit about celebi was true, the 'bright future' bit is too vauge & can actually mean they'll individually b successful (not as a couple).

13 She Showed Up at Ash's House to Welcome Him Home When He Returned from Hoenn.
14 Her and Ash's Relationship Wasnt Forced

Yeah! Misty met Ash and grew to love him. Serena literally fell in love with him after ONE SECOND! False, very very false.

Onece again no offense to Amourshippers everywhere but Ash and Serena's whole relationship was completly forced Serena dispretly wanted Ash to lover her back while Ash and Misty's relarionship just felt very natural and not forced. - egnomac

15 She More Badass

Everyone is more badass than Serena...

I love badass characters

Serena is weak and stupid. Misty is stronger and smarter. She truly loves Ash and he seems to like her back. Serena is a bitch

16 She Becomes Really Considerate Whenever Something Bad Happens to Ash She Becomes Really Considerate Whenever Something Bad Happens to Ash

Only when something really bad happens to him? Wow, so for ash to get any kindness from Misty, your saying he must do something that gets him saverly injured? At least Serena is mostly kind & considerate to ash & without the need for ash to get harmed for her to be that way for him (not an boreshipper by means, but...)

17 She Cares More About Her Pokémon Than Serena

Didn't Misty abuse her Psyduck? Serena cares more about her Pokemon more. - yungstirjoey666

Misty? Oh yeah, the carrot head that hurt caterpie's feelings! Misty should be with BROCK NOT ASH (i'm a gymshipper)

Serena cares about her Pokémon. I've never seen Misty do that.

Since when Misty cares about her pokemon? She's abusive to Psyduck. So Serena cares while Misty don't. - NaruHinaBlaze1

I hate serena, but at least Serena treated her Pokemon way better than Misty ever treated psyduck. It was even her favorite type too.

And Serena never was such s b***h around bug Pokemon or had some unnecessary hate towards Pokemon like Misty did with gyarados.

I hate serena more than Misty, but Serena was way more kind to her Pokemon & Pokemon in general than b***hy misty

18 Misty is the Only One of His Female Companions Who He Has Ever Talked About After She Left

Its kind of funny that Ash despite traveling with May, Dawn and Iris has never really talked about them after they left and in Alola he has not once mentioned Serena's name, while after Misty left he talked about her a lot even stating that he really missis her. - egnomac

19 She's More Useful

She is more interesting and funnier than Serena w

Pokémon will be quite boring without Misty,
for her some funny actions made us laugh and even some annoying behavior made us interested about her.
Serena might be pretty and more like a gentle lady, but she is less interesting than Misty.

20 She Helped Ash to Become a Better Trainer

While a lot of people think she was being mean by constantly yelling at him and even slapped him twice in the japanese version she really wasn't being mean in her own way she was actually trying to help Ash by teaching him about using common sense in battles at that point Ash was completly arragont, carless and stupid, at one point after Ash loses to Ritchi she tries cheering him up but when he contiues acting like a child for losing she blatenly tells him the cold hard truth that the way he was training he was lucky he got as far as he did again not really trying to put him down but making him face the harsh reality that the reason he lost was because of his overconfidence and she really cared enough about Ash to tell him the cold hard truth. - egnomac

Ash was stupid, but he didn't deserve being slapped most of the time. - yungstirjoey666

21 She is Prettier Than Serena

They're 10 - yungstirjoey666

Yeah with that crop too she’s more hot

22 Misty Isn't Clingy Like Serena
23 Misty Has More in Common with Ash

I find it funny that on bulpedia in the similarity or whatever section amourshippers listed stupid c**p they can pull out their @$$ like “they both have pokedexes, they both just have a mom, they both got a starter Pokemon from kalos’s lab...” Like other pokegirls don’t have those in common with ash too... oh wait lol! Serena & ash don’t really have anything in common really, get over it amourshippers!

24 She Has More Character
25 She's not Useless
26 Ash Was More Sad After She Left

After both Misty and Brock had left Ash actually cries as he runs home to Pallet Town yet when May, Dawn and Serena all left he doesn't even shed a tear he kind just goes like "yeah see ya". - egnomac

I think it’s because it’s the first time since episode 1 where he’s aware that he’s going to be traveling away from home without any human companion for help & company & he believes he’s going to hoenn completely alone (besides pikachu) while the other pokegirls he was just heading back home. And also he’s used to saying goodbye to friends by May, & when Misty leaves other times like with her cameos, he seems completely fine with it like when the other pokegirls.

27 She is Very Athletic

Well, I wouldn't say that Iris is stupid, she knows how to survive in the natural world and is a later counterpart of Misty. But Misty is the best one to be Ash's girlfriend, She is the best. Since the less mature Ash Ketchum complains about girls and usually preferrs boys (he is not gay), maybe a tomboy would work?
She is very aggressive like Ash, she does not fokus too much on makeup (does cosplay makeup count? ), she learns about power of a Pokémon.
Now Iris does the same thing, and the other girls enter Pokémon contests but come on...SERENA DOES NOT BELONG HERE 'CAUSE POKÉMON SHOWCASES ONLY ACCEPT GIRLS! I mean she should be the right girl to be picked on since she is so girly. Only style matters and the apocalypse is gonna come earlier if all girls were like Serena.

28 She Encourages Sexism

Ya know those Pokémon showcases aren't just bad for men in the Pokémon world. But they encourage
girls to act very feminine and and it teaches boys how women "act". So tomboys get bullyed because they don't act "correctly".

29 Ash showed jealously when she was with other guys

In the orange league when Rudy hit on misty ash was jealous and even when misty was worried about Danny ash was sad as she was more worried about Danny and not him

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