Top Ten Reasons to Attend Your 10 Year High School Reunion

The Top Ten Reasons to Attend Your 10 Year High School Reunion

1 It brings back old memories

There are really no good memories I can recall from my high school years.

Not good memories...

I hate it it has no value to hang out with old classmates

Yeah, terrible old memories... - 3DG20

2 To stay in touch with your classmate's life

I'd rather not...

What if I don’t want to? - 3DG20

3 To party with your once classmates

But why do that when I could do it anywhere else without all the people I hated? - 3DG20

It is really great to party with your once familiar people in your life - MatrixGuy

4 You still live in your hometown, and it’s unlikely you’ll have anything better to do

There are lots of things better to do, like staring at a wall for 5 hours. - 3DG20

5 To reconnect with old friends

I don't have any friends. :( - ImLikeSoEmoRN

I miss my old friends already. - EpicJake

What friends? Oh, the people that lied to me about being my friends, only so I’d eventually find out that most of them actually talked s*** behind my back? Some friends. - 3DG20

6 To satisfy your curiosity

What curiosity? And why would I care what my classmates are doing? - 3DG20

I'm sixteen so I'm still in High School but because WHAT WOULD MY CLASSMATES BE UP TO?! - Swiftdawn

7 You realize some people look different, and some look exactly the same

And as people, they most likely haven’t changed a bit... - 3DG20

8 It is a once in a lifetime event

There will be the 20th, 30th, 40th but not the 10th - MatrixGuy

9 Ten years does not seem like ten years
10 You get fun pictures for all to see!

How fun is it to get together with old friends and post pictures of the good times? - MatrixGuy

And by “fun pictures”, you mean pictures where I’m clearly miserable, with people I’ve either always hated or were liars, that are there so I can be reminded about a place I hated being at and where I had some of my worst memories? - 3DG20

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11 To flex on your bully

I highly doubt they will even be worth my time in 10 years. - 3DG20

When you are a multi-billion dollar CEO, land in the parking lot with your helicopter and hop out and make sure to flash your fancy rolex and all your brand clothes, and hand out 10k checks to everyone except to the person you hate the most, so they regret bullying you and stealing your lunch money.

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