Top Ten Reasons Avril Lavigne Is Better Than Jackie Evancho

Avril Lavigne is great! (Sure she's had SOME bad songs) but everything Jackie sings is c**p

The Top Ten

1 More Popular Songs

What is with all the Jackie Evancho hate?

I like the songs of both of them, why can't I like them both?

I do not understand what it can be do you anyway there is some.

Popularity isn't what singers about

2 Older Age

Now there's a thoughtful reason.

Yup, everyone remember; if you're older than someone then yiu're better. Not! You're shallow and you should feel bad for making this list!

That's for sure, Avril Lavigne is over 35.

Jackie Evancho will be 15 in April, about the same age as many TTT members.

And especially funny is the fact that Jackie Evancho is also older than the person who made this stupid poll!

3 Better Looks

Have you met her? Sounds like some serious projection is going on here.

Looks don't matter

Jackies little angel smile is so phony! - AnonymousChick

Jackie smiles because she's happy. She's living her dream. You do know what "happy" is, don't you?

4 Better Album Covers

Album covers doesn't do why a singer is better than another singer

A picture of Jackie with the angel smile, very bright concidering Sh is sitting on the ground in a white dress into the night.. Avril has one album where she is standing in the road and it looks like everything stopped around her. - AnonymousChick

It's called "standing" on her Awakening album cover. You do know the difference, no?

Avril's "standing in the road and... Everything's stopped around her"? That's called a photograph. You do realize that, don't you? Everything IS stopped. More hard thought given to this one.

5 More Fame


Jackie Evancho is more popular at the moment but this won't last ( believe me! ). Also, if she has a lot of fans it's because she's got many very old people and religious fanatics on her side who likes that opera music. And please, STOP that " she's an angel " crap comments. Jackie Evancho is a crap music singer ( that's why she's regarded as an angel ) and Avril Lavigne is a pop-rock singer. The rock and roll spirit has nothing to do with a " I'm so nice " attitude!

There are at least 8 "hate lists" on TTT for Jackie Evancho, and not even one for Avril Lavigne, which does not sound to me like Avril is treated like dirt.

Avril Lavigne has always been well thought of and well-respected on TTT, it difficult to imagine why anyone begrudges a phenomenal new singer their success.

Avril Lavigne isn't good but I agree that Jackie Evancho is overrated.

6 Better Voice

I prefer Avril Lavigne myself, but this is the only valid reason on the list. The rest of it is just popularity, looks, age etc.

Avril Lavigne has a very good "rock chick" or "punk-pop princess" voice, which is great but pretty limited as to what else can be done with it.
Jackie Evancho has a "classical" voice, which includes Classical Crossover, Broadway, musical theater, jazz, foreign languages like Italian, French, Latin, and Japanese, plus some religious numbers like Pie Jesu and Open Fields of Grace, and of course a lot of Christmas songs.
She does not do hard rock, rap, hip-hop, or metal, though she enjoys listening to all of them.
Neither one of these girls uses auto-tune, lip-synchs, twerks, or sings about her butt.

They both have beautiful voice

Screeching cats VS pure awesomeness - AnonymousChick

7 More Songs

Overall more songs of course, Avril Lavigne is almost 31 years old. In the time period since Jackie Evancho's first major-label release, Avril has had 2 releases, Jackie Evancho has had 3, plus 2 Christmas albums.

So what? Quality over Quantity

Avril has plenty of songs that are good while all of Jackies are horrible - AnonymousChick

My goodness, the ALL description! More deep thought given this one.

8 Everyone Loves Jackie

This list proves that making a hate list about any artist is a bad idea, because your lack of thought and reasoning might be exposed.

"This is not a hate list", its not, its not, its not. Methinks there is a bit of guilt when the realization surfaces that this is nothing but a "hate list" made by a bully.

This list proves that if one doesn't care about jackie, they get hate

Not everyone loves Jackie

9 Avril Lavigne is a better rolemodel than Jackie Evancho

Get good grades, be polite, be kind, give to charity, work hard, be loyal to family- that IS an important message, and is also being a very good role model.

So Obvious. Avril Lavigne cares for the human being you are without being affraid to express yourself. Jackie Evancho? Good grades, be polite...? Is that really a message?

I can't agree

10 Avril Lavigne would never sing on the inauguration of Donald Trump

Try to read " clear" next time. Avril Lavigne did NOT sing for politicians but for the people who are Contra-government in those countries ( giving pleasure and hope as an entertainer for those people ). Jackie Evancho had sung FOR the politicians and FOR the people of the US who stand behind the ideas of Donald Trump. As for the presence of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, Jimmy Carter... THEY ARE POLITICIANS! It's their job! Is Jackie Evancho a politician? Like you said yourself, she has crossing the line. And even if she was the first choice, that doesn't mean that she couldn't refuse or is the US not a free country anymore? And Avril Lavigne was paid to sing in those countries? So what? big deal! She was paid for her job, not for an endorsement of politicians.

Her genre of music has nothing to do with political pro or contra messages. She's an entertainer who should not accept political events and staying neutral in the matter. There were riots everywhere in the United States when Donald Trump was elected and yet she chooses to sing for him? What does that say about her?

Jackie Evancho just declared that she will sing for Donald Trump. She's a piece of crap. Avril Lavigne even if she's Canadian would never ever accepted to sing for a clown like Donald Trump.

Where's the " twist of logic " about Avril Lavigne singing in countries where LGTB rights are condamned? She didn't sing and take money in favor of a government. She did sing in those countries as an entertainer with no political messages or political intentions. Avril Lavigne didn't sing for the leaders of those countries but for the people ( and her public are not all against LGTB rights or pro-government! ). Jackie Evancho on the other hand " did " sing for a " leader " and for a political event that celebrates this " leader ". Where is your " logic " of proof that Avril Lavigne did sing for the leaders and their ideas in those countries? Your proof and logical analyse are nihil!

The Contenders

11 Avril Lavigne Is Very Hot

Avril Lavigne has sex-appeal. Jackie Evancho looks like someone you pass on the street without noticing. Avril Lavigne is very hot in her tight pants, mini-dresses... Evancho dresses like an old woman of 70 years old. No sex-appeal at all.

Very hot in a kind of used-up, dried-out, post-drug rehab, almost 35-year old kind of way.

JE dresses like a 70 year old? She is a model for both Guess Kids and Justice Girl's, but most likely you only ever looked at one photo from 6 years ago, which is what a 70 year old would do.

Seems that girls who have Avril Lavigne as rolemodel are dressed sexy and girls ( yes, I'm talking about young girls ) who have Jackie Evancho as rolemodel will be dressed like old ladies.

12 Avril Lavigne Is A Unique Artist

And by "unique" you mean a virtual exact copy of every single one of hundreds of bad-girl chick singers going back to at least Joan Jett 40 years ago, or even the Shangri-La's 60 years ago.
Even Avril's bad-blondie look is a total ripoff of Cherie Currie circa 1975.

I think she's unique. Look at her full acoustic performances on YouTube. I really don't see a connection between "The Shangi-las " or " The Runaways " with Cherie Curie ( who wasn't unique by the way, she was made by producer Kim Fowley. ). Avril Lavigne she's something else! Accept the fact!

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