Lord Of The Bad Lists S02E05: Reasons Why Avril Lavigne Is Better Than Jackie Evancho

Hi, and this is my fifth episode of Lord Of The Bad Lists. I apologize for making you wait so long due to TheTopTens Shopping Competition. I was hesitating between making 3 parts like I usualy do or making 20 short episodes. I didn't got enought time so I made three parts. Now, I can do again another block of series of LORD OF THE BAD LISTS (:

So, this episode is about a the list of Reasons Why Avril Lavigne Is Better Than Jackie Evancho. There is a lot of things wrong with that.

First of all, it compares two singers who have nothing in common (this isn't the worst thing about the list). One of them is a 30 years old rocker and the other is a 14 years old classic crossover singer. Avril and Jackie have only three things in common:
1.They are both human females
2.They are both blondes
3.They are both singers.
So, why would someone compare them if they have nothing in common? WHY???

Another thing wrong with that is that 99,9% of the comments are Jackie Evancho fans being angry about the list and disagree with the items. It's okay if they disagree and defend their idol but some of them are seriously out of their minds! These are some examples:
  • ''Very hot in a kind of used-up, dried-out, post-drug rehab, almost 35-year old kind of way.'' by a visitor
  • ''This list proves that making a hate list about any artist is a bad idea, because your lack of thought and reasoning might be exposed.'' again, by a visitor
  • ''Screeching? Um, no. SelfDestruct has taken on a new moniker to hide behind. Go grab your skateboard and grind on a handrail somewhere.'' by another visitor. Note: This comment is a reply of that comment: ''Jackie is screeching like a dying cat while Avril is singing about something real.'' by the creator of the list, wich is AnonymousChick
  • ''Yup, everyone remember; if you're older than someone then yiu're better. Not! You're shallow and you should feel bad for making this list!'' again by a visitor
And I can name other comments but that's not the point. That proves that those fans don't respect the opinions of the creator of the list. I am not an Avril Lavigne fan and I am not a Jackie Evancho fan neither, but does people have to be that rude to express their opinions? No. I hate Chris Brown and I don't bash his fans by saying trash because everyone has their opinion. I love Evanescence and I can tolerate that there is people who don't like the band and I keep my mouth shut.

Lesson Of The Day: Everyone has their opinion. Just accept the fact that it's not everyone who loves your idol as much as you do.

Next episode: a rant on the list of ''worst selena gomez songs'''


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