Top Ten Reasons Babies Aren't So Bad

BABY HATERS LOGIC: oh babies are spoiled brats, they are messy and many more). Yeah yeah.

The Top Ten

1 You were a baby before

Everyone on this site was a baby before. So baby haters, what did you do when you were a baby insult yourself? - EpicJake

My list even got a rebuttal list haha. Prime TheTopTens. - Puga

We were. We're not anymore. Argument is invalid. - sketchysteve

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2 They aren't even a year old yet

And that's an excuse because... It isn't! A woman in Ireland got shot by her three year old a month ago. - Puga

3 They aren't that hypocritical

They can't even talk.

4 It isn't their fault things make them cry
5 They can be adorable
6 You don't expect them to not be messy
7 They are the future

They might be the future Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

Hitler was a baby.
Hitler was the future.
What kind of logic is this? - Puga

...Or they could grow up to become racists and terrorists.

8 They are cute V 1 Comment
9 If we did not have babies then we would not have adults
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