Top Ten Reasons Babies Aren't So Bad

BABY HATERS LOGIC: oh babies are spoiled brats, they are messy and many more). Yeah yeah.

The Top Ten

1 You were a baby before

Everyone was except for God based on religion.

And some people are pretending to be a baby again.

Everyone on this site was a baby before. So baby haters, what did you do when you were a baby insult yourself? - EpicJake

My list even got a rebuttal list haha. Prime TheTopTens. - Puga

2 They aren't even a year old yet

Some people consider 1 and 2 year olds as babies, too.

And that's an excuse because... It isn't! A woman in Ireland got shot by her three year old a month ago. - Puga

That's because they still didn't know clearly what is right or wrong - BorisRule

3 They aren't that hypocritical

They can't even talk.

4 It isn't their fault things make them cry

Yes it is their fault also delete the list because they throw tantrums! I thought epicjake hated caillou! - RootBeerFan

5 They can be adorable

Go eat poop

THEY LOOK WEIRD! THEY LOOK SO UGLY! and why do all the babies in the world cry but have the exact same face when they are crying? they are not cute they are CREEPY! - RootBeerFan

6 You don't expect them to not be messy
7 They are the future

They might be the future Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

Hitler was a baby.
Hitler was the future.
What kind of logic is this? - Puga

...Or they could grow up to become racists and terrorists.

NONONONONONONOONONO! I hope I don't get a baby by my girlfriend and all it does is cry! that's IT! also you want to know what the future is? The G4 9000 is the future! - RootBeerFan

8 They have positive relationships with you

My cousins and I have a 1 1/2 yr old cousin and we like to hang out with him!

9 They are cute

STOP IT NOW! I'm CRINGING SO BADLY! epicjake I like you but come on! I want you to hate babies they cry for no reason at all they also keep you up all night SO DELETE THIS LIST! >:O - RootBeerFan

10 If we did not have babies then we would not have adults

But babies look like aliens! (reason to not have a baby: Adopt A CHILD! ) - RootBeerFan

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11 It's the most innocent time before they grow up to be good, bad or evil.
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