Top 10 Reasons Barbie and Winx Club are Bad


The Top Ten

1 They are too girly

They are just little miss perfects that everybody loves. - Catacorn

I like it, but too girly - VeronicaMSP

2 Bloom and Barbie are both Mary Sues
3 They're overrated
4 Lots of people hate them both
5 They have the same fanbase
6 They have annoying songs
7 They use pink too much
8 Some girls hate them
9 Most Toptenners hate them

I hate them a lot as well. - LucyHeartfiliaSucks123

Like me, I hate them a lot. - Catacorn

I hate them just like my other siblings (except my toddler sister) - Music101

10 They have annoying characters

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11 Stella and Barbie are both girly
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