Top Ten Reasons Bart Baker Needs to Shut Up


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1 Offensive Songs

Seriously, I hate how some of these comments are just saying stuff like 'Its comedy! ' Or 'It's a parody! ' Just what the heck? Wake up, people! If you think that using bad swear words, offending religions, killing artists and mocking music is FUNNY then I'm telling you that you're not human. I'm not a Bart Baker fan and I never will be, but people assuming all the above to be nothing but comedy, then that's just satanic.

If it's boring, then why did you read it? It's ok, you're intitled to your opinion.

It's called COMEDY - venomouskillingmachine

This list is boring.

2 Very Foul Language
3 Racist Lyrics

Most of his parodies ain't that funny

It's called COMEDY - venomouskillingmachine

It's also called STUPID. Racism shouldn't be considered COMEDY. - D0gLover970

4 Kills Artists in Some Parodies

I know this one is stupid. I couldn't think of a better way to phrase it.

I wrote this last comment. I wasn't logged in at the time. - Survivor101

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5 Can Make People Angry and Cause Drama V 1 Comment
6 Can't Keep His Ugly Mouth Shut V 1 Comment
7 Insults Religion in Some Parodies V 1 Comment
8 Hurts Fans and Artist's Feelings

Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, MAGIC!, Kanye West and Jacob Sartorius would furiously cuss at/insult Bart Baker like young girls.


It's just a PARODY! sorry for screaming - Neonco31

Bruh, it's not like the artist is going to see it anyways. - TheLoudHouseSucks

9 Called J Lo Old

She's like 80 - Buttface

IT'S COMEDY! - venomouskillingmachine

10 Has Way Too Many Fans V 1 Comment

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11 He Dissed Michael Jackson
12 Senior Citizen Love
13 He's Obsessed with Old People

That's old Bart Baker. In his new videos, there are barley any old people. I think the last song that had an old person was the juju on that beat parody and the old person was Donald Trump.

WHY, BART BAKER?! All ages are equal, but how could you use to be obsessed with the elderly, Bart Baker?!

14 Inaccurate Portrayals of Celebrities
15 Uses way too much autotune

He is no weird al yankovic.
I'm sure weird al has a song or two making fun of lady Gaga of nirvana but when making a new Taylor swift parody this guy basically recycles lyrics from an OLD Taylor swift parody and saying stuff like she's the devil

16 He's Irrelevant
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