Top 10 Reasons Batman is Better Than Superman

Perhaps Batman is the most popular superhero ever.I'm not saying this has to be accurate but Batman is more famous than Superman .

Here's some reasons I mange to get.


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1 Batman has no superpowers but still manages to win Batman has no superpowers but still manages to win


Wrong, has the superpowers of being a human, the worst superpower though.

Superman is nothing without his strength, speed, the ability to fly and shoot the lasers from his eyes. Batman has none of that, yet he would have killed Superman.

Batman rules Superman sucks!

2 Batman is smarter

He relies on his wits, and there are some damn good ones too.

Superman is a born superhero who just likes to beat enemies and become famous

but batman hasn't got any superpowers but still he is very intelligent and learned all his skills to become a superhero.He beats his enemies with both mind and combats - zxm

3 Superman is nothing without his superpowers Superman is nothing without his superpowers

That is very true

He is a alien

He stinks batman rules

Batman is da best

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4 Batman has more gadgets than Superman
5 Batman has better combat skills Batman has better combat skills

Batman trained with the League of Assassins, and matched the skills of their leader, Ra's al Ghul, and was able to defeat him.

6 Batman has better villains

This is why you should stick to batman. Superman is really lame

I knew about The Joker way before I knew about Lex Luthor. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

And memorable - ParkerFang

Batman has: joker, riddler, penguin, scarecrow, poison ivy, bane, killer croc, catwoman, Harley Quinn, killer moth, clayface, the ventriloquist and scareface, zodiac master, the reaper, the eraser, crazy quilt, hush, deadshot, lock up, mutant leader, mime, zebra man, polka dot man, two face, mr freeze, professor pyg, Hugo strange, owlman, Catman, kite man(hell yeah), egg head, calendar man, man bat, she bat, the calculator, clock king, phantasm, magpie, D.A.V.E., everywhere man, Francis gray, mad hatter, big top, phosphorus Rex, Siam, flamingo, white rabbit, march Harriet, condiment king, ras al Ghul, the outsider, spell binder, mr toad, son of pyg, talia al Ghul, ETC.

Superman has: Lex Luthor, darkseid, Metallo, parasite, lobo, general zod... that’s all I can think of.

7 Batman's movies and video games are better

Batman and robin and batman forever stunk superman only has one video game I it is well superman 64 which is considered one of the worst video games ever superman and batman are awesome

Batman had Arkham City, Superman had Superman 64. enough said.

Dark Knight > Man of Steel

Batman arkham city,arkham knight,arkham asylum,the dark knight,dark knight rises,batman begins are undoubtedly better than superman's movies and games. - zxm

8 Batman's costume is cooler
9 Batman is stealthy Batman is stealthy
10 No Weakness


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11 Batman has masterplans for everything

Yeah - ParkerFang


12 Superman is fat

He isn"t thin either

Lol, I agree

I didn't add this. - zxm

He isn't fat.

13 Batman is crazy rich

He's a multimillionaire, supes is a newspaper guy, does that remind you of a certain teenage Spiderman?

14 Batman has saved the life of superman in many occasions.
15 Superman could never let a train with Liam Neeson on it crash

Is this item in favor of Batman or Superman? - zxm

16 Superman is really a piece of meat that looks terribly fat

This is why I hate Batman fans - ParkerFang

He is retarded

17 Superman would underestimate Batman because he's human
18 Batman actually has to try

he does

19 Because I'm Batman
20 Batman could have killed superman but knows what it is like to lose your parents
21 Batman is more intelligent than an average human
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1. Batman is smarter
2. Batman has no superpowers but still manages to win
3. Batman has more gadgets than Superman
1. Superman is nothing without his superpowers
2. Batman has better combat skills
3. Batman has no superpowers but still manages to win
1. Batman has no superpowers but still manages to win
2. Batman is smarter
3. Batman's costume is cooler


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