Top Ten Reasons to Be an Author

The Top Ten

1 You Choose Your Own Working Hours

Wake up at 10:00 am before work and slog it out in the evening is how I'd do it - jmepa1234

2 You Get to See Your Work In Shops

Love to do this - jmepa1234

3 You Can Read Your Books to Your Children

That would be nice - jmepa1234

4 There Is a Chance You Could Become Famous

The chances of this are very slim. - CDShark

5 There Is Lots of Money to Be Earned

But unfortunately, 10% of the authors make 90% of the money. - PetSounds

6 You Can Spend Time With Your Own Kids

This is the winning point for me - jmepa1234

7 You Have Freedom On What to Write

Well, this is the one true reason! I love to write, and being an author was, for a long time, my secondary choice to art. Basically, to take an idea and to make it into something physical that other people can understand... That's my jam! - keycha1n

Let your imagination run wild - jmepa1234

8 There Is Probably a 1% Chance of an Injury

Worst is a paper cut. They are torture - jmepa1234

9 You Have an Excuse to Avoid Chores

This would be great - jmepa1234

Doesn't work. - CDShark

10 You Could Have a Second Job As Well As Writing

"I pride myself in being a professional person who puts peanut butter on my face." -John Green, New York Times Bestselling Author. - keycha1n

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