Top Ten Reasons to Be a Christian


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1 You will go to heaven

I'm Muslim I must admit it but I love Christianity I believe it's a pure religion of peacefullness, however in my religion jesus ain't believed to be the son of god he's one of his faithful messengers but anyways it doesn't matter good Christians who don't do any sins will surely go to heaven as well as good Muslims - AbdRahmanSalah

If you're not Christian, you believe in a different version of heaven or don't believe in it at all, so this wouldn't be a convincing reason for anyone.

I try to be a good Christian. I just hope that Him upstairs doesn't forget me when I finally meet him. - Britgirl

Jesus is not a ticket to heaven, and we shouldn't act like He is. - keycha1n

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2 You can be Catholic, Lutheran it doesn't matter

I like being a Catholic, but I respect the Chrisitian Religion. - Therandom

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3 You have the pleasure of God and Jesus

I was Christian for many years and I never felt god or felt connected to god or Jesus. If god wants me to be Christian, then why doesn't he try to convince me or do SOMETHINNG.

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4 You have church

Ah, church, where you sit and listen to some guy talk about fairy tales.

Some of the other ones you don't weird huh - hsd

5 Celebrate holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.

The origins of these Holidays are not Christian its Pagan.

6 You can become a Saint
7 Receive Christ in the Blessed Sacrament
8 You can confess your sins and be forgiven

Is that true? OH so I guess I can go slaughter a couple thousand innocent people, no biggie, I'll go to heaven if I repent. But those nice, helpful atheists will surely burn at the hands of god. FLAWLESS logic.

9 Have Christ's mother as your own mother

Christ's mother can go suck a d***. She isn't my mother. She didn't give birth to me.

10 See everybody in the whole world as your brother and sister

The fact that God is Our Father makes us all brothers and sisters.

God isn't my father. He didn't impregnate my mother with his s****. I have one brother. You people have no idea about genetics.

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11 Belong to a religion founded by God's Son
12 Realize the awesomeness of how unlimited the power of God is, knowing that He is only One, and yet, He is also, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
13 You wint be tortured un hell forever, instead you will be praising one god forever

Praising one God forever sounds really boring. I think I'd rather be in hell having conversations with Einstein and those famous scientists.

14 Have Parties for your First Communion and/or Confirmation
15 You can pretend that fairy tales are real, and nobody can do anything about it.
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