Top Ten Reasons to Be a Vegetarian

My parents won't let me be a vegetarian... so I just eat around the meat when I can. But there are many reasons why you should make the choice of being vegetarian.

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1 For the Animals

I love animals and I always wanted/still wanting them to live/be alive

The only reason why I'm a vegetarian is because of I found out how animals are made into meat.

No one wants to suffer or get killed.

RoseCandyMusic you are pathetic why are you hating them? They do what they want you don't force them to eat meat you ass

2 For the Environment

Who df choose for the animals!?

As well as meat production producing a lot more carbon dioxide than plants, it also takes up so much more space. - GothicBanshee

Environment is important to us but what does eating meat connected to the environment? - RoseCandyMusic

"(Meat) emits the same amount of greenhouse gases as all transportation..."
A) Says who?
B) The debate regarding the effect of "greenhouse gases" is hardly settled.
"...more carbon dioxide than plants..."
Do you understand how photosynthesis works?

3 For Your Health

To the person who said vegans are hypocrites, my DAD is a vegan.

These were added by extreme vegans
Vegans are hypocrites

We can reduce the chance of certain types of disease, but having a varied diet also reduces some others too. We will be missing nutrients that cannot be obtained from plants, too much cellulose will get stuffed to us when we eat beans etc. You can live longer, but you will not have the chance to savour the meat

Specifically, we have dramatically reduced chances of getting various cancers, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, liver failure, and so on... And live an average of 9 years longer than our meat-eating counterparts. - keycha1n

4 You Don't Need Meat

The way I see it, is that we are fortunate enough to be able to live well without meat. So why continue eating something with essentially zero upsides in the long run?

I mean this because humans used to have to eat meat because it was high in calories and we needed to feed our brains. We can get those calories elsewhere now and it will be significantly better for your health. - keycha1n

" that is packed with protein, like beans and soy."
These provide only incomplete protein.
Soy is nearly indigestible, unless you're an ungulate with a multi-chambered stomach that regurgitates and re-chews its could, and has a long intestinal tract containing the necessary microbes to extract and process the sparse nutrition soy offers.
Soy also is among the most heavily pesticide-laden of crops.
Besides. Didn't you say protein would only make you "fat? "

There are many other foods available to you, and food that is packed with protein like beans and soy. Meat is unnecessary in a first world modern society. - ToptenPizza

The main point. But then for us humans, it's all the matter for good taste. Temptations sure is a bad thing.
Being vegetarian isn't hard, preventing yourself from yielding to the temptation of tasting good meat is what is actually hard. That's coming from a vegetarian. - Kiteretsunu

5 For Starving Kids

We deport grain and other foods for the slaughter house animals from places like Africa, if we shut down slaughter houses cows, sheep, pigs and the such would provide for themselves and live a long life of freedom, and the grain would be given to kids to eat. - ToptenPizza

Dude, starving kids in Africa kill animals and humans for food. All this is bad but they have to do it to survive.

We currently produce enough grains to feed 11,000,000,000 people. The 1,000,000,000 people who are starving is due to the fact that our grain goes to fatten up farm animals instead. - keycha1n

What does starving kids is connected to eating meat? - RoseCandyMusic

6 Meat Is Icky

Close your eyes while eating it then.

Way to make an informative list childish. Meat is delicious. There's just too much logic against eating it. - keycha1n

That's a matter of opinion. - Puga

This list was good, until I read this part. Come on.

7 To Enjoy Vegetarian Food

I have NEVER eaten meat and NEVER will.

No, thanks. How could I enjoy e.g. Hamburger or Pizza without meat in it? No way.

Opinionated tastes. For me it will be a mixed diet. That ham and bacon though

Being a vegetarian gives you a bigger chance to experience the amazing vegetarian food, and it's a lot better than meat. - ToptenPizza

No it isn't. I tried vegetarian meat. Real meat is tough and juicy. Veg meat is dry and tasteless. - SammySpore

8 Hot Dogs Are Disgusting

Do you know what is in those things? Dregs of pork, beef and chicken being ground together, reduced quite literally to a pulp and then re-formed into a dog. My gut churns at the thought of chickens, pigs, and cows being put together. - ToptenPizza

I do agree on the hot dog comment... I am a carnivore basically but I don't like hotdogs either... They are the left over scraps. - shanew

Yep I agree but it doesn't mean I have to be a vegetarian - RoseCandyMusic

Eating a corndog as I read this

9 Our Body Is Designed for a Vegetarian Diet

Ok insult my Aunt.
Are you a fan of The Beatles?

Then why do we have two sharp teeth? For cutting meat. - XxembermasterxX

There's more than that. Back in the day, we had to quickly adapt to eating meat because our large brains demand so much energy, so we HAD to eat meat to survive. Yet our bodies never quite caught up. Our intestines and bowels aren't made to eat meat. If we were true omnivores, we would be able to eat meat without having to cook it or cover it in plant sauces to make it edible. Our teeth are identical to herbivores in nature (including our basically-useless canines) and as previously noted, meat is bad for our bodies. We can eat meat, but we're not made to. - keycha1n

Our flat teeth are good for grinding grain and vegetables, not flesh, our hands are good for gathering vegetables and fruit, not tearing apart animals, not to mention Our saliva contains the enzyme alpha-amylase, the sole purpose of which is to digest the complex carbohydrates in plant foods. (This enzyme is not found in the saliva of carnivores.) Basically we have all the right apparatus to consume vegetarian products, and none of the right apparatus for flesh foods. - ToptenPizza

10 Meat is a Disgrace

For who?

Who put this here? - BorisRule

The Contenders

11 Eating Meat is Cannibalism

Eating human meat IS Cannibalism, not meat as a whole -.- - BorisRule

Eating HUMAN meat is cannibalism. Learn the difference.

12 Awesome Vegetarians Out There

About the comment of Lincoln and Gandhi who changed the world. Abraham Lincoln didn't change the world. He did taken good descisions for the progression in American politics ( but what has that to do with changes outside America? Did he change things in Europe, China, Russia etc...? I don't think so ). Gandhi did many good things for India in political matters and his philosophy in non-violence is admirable but that didn't stop or changed history like Word War 2 and many other things. His belief in Indian religion did of him a vegetarian but so are many others in India. A. Lincoln and Gandhi changed many things in their fields and their countries ( but not really in the world ) because of their politics and their ideas but certainly not because of being vegetarians!

You think that because you are a vegetarian that you are changing the world? That you respect life? Just because a plant don't speak or yell doesn't mean that it's not alive. Maybe they feel pain or something too. Humans are by nature meat eaters ( you think that in the ice-age humans had the luxery to cultivate vegetables? ). Don't get me wrong, I'm against animal torture and animal mass production made for consummation but there's nothing wrong to eat meat.

Both vegetarians AND meat eaters can change the world for the better.

Thank you. I have nothing against vegetarians even though I myself am not one but you are right. - RiverClanRocks

This includes Abraham Lincoln, and Gandhi. Two men who changed the world for the better - ToptenPizza

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13 Because Plants Are Horrible

They give us oxygen - Flowerrose

They need to be destroyed

14 You are killing pigs and other sweet living animals!

Are you a animal 🦓 loving woman

15 Processed Meat is fattening
16 Allergic to Dairy
17 Red Meat is Likely to Cause Cancer
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