Why I Do Not Eat Meat

I am a vegetarian. I have not ate meat since late (from some time in October to December, I think) 2015. I haven't really ate beef since it was in something since I was younger, and I quite eating sausage when I was around 3 or 4 years old. Now the sausage is more of a personal thing, and so was the beef, but I have always loved animals. I actually didn't like the way beef tasted really.

Giving up certain meat can have a health benefit. The recommended daily intake of fat is between 44 and 78 grams. The recommended number of calories is 2,000 if your a woman and 2,500 if you are a man. A single steak can have 679 calories, and 48 grams of fat. But lets say for dinner you have a double patty cheese burger with condiments, which is 650 calories. You see how much calories come from fatty meat? Now if you cut some meat out, would you be healthier? Lets say you have a chef salad with some strips of lean grilled chicken on it and a some whole grain pasta spaghetti bolognese? It is both healthier and has less meat. But some meat can be healthy, some can not.

For example venison is rather lean, since a dear runs from predators a lot. Some times people sell venison jerky along with beef jerky. But some meat is very fatty. For example, some beef and pork. You know how much fat bacon is? Especially saturated fat, which clogs the arteries, giving you less room to transport blood which can leave your prone to heart problems.

Saturated fat is usually only in meat and animal products, like milk and yogurt. But you know what else harmful to your heart is in certain meat, chlesterol. Chlesterol can be in organ meats. Chlesterol clogs the arteries, essentially slowing down the function of a human heart. Heart disease is a leading cause of death among humans, young and old.

I am not saying cut out meat but take this into account before you eat 10 ounces of meat each meal. The recommended is 3 per meal.

And meat is not the only source of protein. Oatmeal, whole grains, vegetables, beans, rice, and soy are great alternative protein sources if cutting down on meat. Sometimes people who don't eat meat are healthier even then those who do.

I really love animals. I was at a farm and I loved to feed the animals cereal. The pig did bite my finger, but it was unintentional and even the pig was nice. Those animals were so nice, I enjoyed going there. What I dislike is people hurting animals. Especially to make stuff like snakeskin belts and sheepskin hats. Why breed and kill animals for a snakeskin belt?

Hurting dogs has always bothered me and the bad rep certain big dog breeds got such as pitt bulls where people abuse them and make them fight. My uncle had pitt bulls and they were the sweetest things, never viscous. They were never abused. An owner who is abusive is what makes any dog mean, and take in the dog themselves a bit. I have a puppy, Skye, who is a rottweiler, a breed people tend to think of as more viscous, and she is sweet. She is learning not to bite, and has been doing it less and less. I know this isn't related, but I wanted to mention it.

I also do not mind hunting surprisingly because it doesn't matter if someone kills a squirrel, because they are not endangered and can be pests. Deer are another example, I always see them around town and they can hurt gardens and cause traffic accidents. Plus venison jerky is amazing. My step dad barely even kills a animal and he has hunted forever. But when it comes to endangered and threatened animals, I support hunting no longer.


Good post. I have a friend who quit being a vegetarian last year. Before he'd only eat meat at thanksgiving and I think Christmas - Skullkid755

Thanks. - visitor