Top 10 Reasons the Beatles Are Better Than One Direction


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1 The Beatles were famous for their talent

The Beatles were known for their musical talent. One Direction, whole different story. - kaitlynrad11

Each Beatles were talented on their own way.

2 The Beatles can actually sing V 1 Comment
3 One Direction is famous for their looks

George Harrison alone is hotter than all of one direction combined, times the hotness by TEN with a little bit left over

George Harrison is hotter than ALL of one direction timed by TWENTY with a bit left over!

You should be famous for talent, not looks. - kaitlynrad11

Well the Beatles were famous for their looks too, the difference is that they were actually talented besides being attractive. - theOpinionatedOne

Young John Lennon and young Paul McCartney were better looking than any of those 1D guys.

4 The Beatles can play instruments
5 One Direction just repeats words over and over

Twist and Shout isn't written by the beatles

That's what makes you beautiful!
Please, not that song - kaitlynrad11

This is what 1D does. They don't make music. They repeat words over and over to produce auditory autotuned garbage.

I think that one direction might have stole the rhythm from twist and shout for what makes you beautiful because the beginning sounds a little similar to the instrumentals in twist and shout. creepy...

6 The Beatles have meaningful lyrics

Like, 1D has lyrics about girls and crappy stuff, The Beatles had much different lyrics. Here comes the sun, Hey Jude, When I'm sixty-four, and Yellow Submarine have some pretty cool lyrics! - kaitlynrad11

I agree. The Beatles are the greatest and have some amazing songs. - LaughySapphySapphire

7 The Beatles are the greatest band of all time

Arguably the most famous, and basically started what we call rock music! - kaitlynrad11

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8 One Direction claims to be better than The Beatles

You can't just be better than a legend - kaitlynrad11

They have been compared to the beatels. We all know which is better. - nintendofan126

9 One Direction uses lots of auto tune

They use it to make garbage. Not for making songs. The Beatles did not need it to produce songs.

What was the person thinking when he invented auto-tune?

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10 The Beatles didn't need Internet to get famous V 1 Comment

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11 The Beatles sounded better without Auto-Tune than One Direction does with it

One Direction never sounded good. Their "songs" could prove just that.

12 The Beatles have better hair than One Direction

The mop top :pure art in a hairstyle; shame it was wrecked by Dustbin Beaver!

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13 The Beatles made their fame by working hard.

I think One Direction just became famous because of a T.V show. The Beatles were loved by everyone and they will always be remembered.

14 They started the whole naming your fans thing

Directioners? Quite silly, indeed. - Music_Lover123

15 The Beatles will be remembered forever while One Direction will fade into obscurity

They would fade. Zayn left. They continued only being four members. Their latest album is entitled "Four" because of this. Next would be "Three", then "Two", then "One" then they'd fade to black. (Metallica joke intended.)

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16 The Beatles created or inspired the creation of three music genres.

"Helter Skelter" By The Beatles is considered by many the first heavy metal song, along with the first punk rock song. They were the original boy band that so many other groups (including 1D) have tried to recreate.

17 The Beatles Wrote their own music

They not only wrote all lyrics, but also the melodies and then actually played the music with instruments. It is also a lot more organic how they formed. They werent just 'put' together.

18 They had to play in small clubs for years practicing and playing restless. Until they recorded a hit 6 years after they originally formed!

While 1D just had one show on the X-factor and they got famous. Not because of their music, but because of their looks. Admit it fangirls, you get their album, take the disc out and throw it into the trash bin and just stare into the cover for hours!

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1. The Beatles were famous for their talent
2. One Direction is famous for their looks
3. The Beatles can actually sing
1. The Beatles can actually sing
2. One Direction is famous for their looks
3. The Beatles were famous for their talent
1. The Beatles can play instruments
2. The Beatles can actually sing
3. The Beatles didn't need Internet to get famous



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